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01-24-07, 04:34 PM
I just got a script for methylphenidate. This is my first experience with stimulants and I am going to start with the generic.

Is comparison shopping possible? If so, how? I would prefer a web resource. The only results I got from Froogle were for a medical textbook. Are any of the big national brands known the place to go for this?

No insurance plan. This is out of pocket in case that makes a difference.

01-24-07, 06:06 PM
Some posts have mentioned that they had good results with Cosco pharmacy being more affordable (relatively speaking).

01-24-07, 06:50 PM
Is comparison shopping possible? If so, how? I would prefer a web resource.

No insurance plan. This is out of pocket in case that makes a difference.Yes comparison shopping is available. You will have to call each pharmacy directly for the most part. The only exception are some of the large chains like Walgreens, and CVS, etc. that happen to have their own websites where they are willing to give you a price quote. Unfortunately, most if not all of the big chain pharmacies are notorious for gouging.

I do not have insurance either, and I have been paying out of pocket for my stimulants since 1992. I have found that the most reasonable pharmacies are Kroger pharmacy, Wal-Mart & K-Mart pharmacies. If there are no Kroger's supermarkets where you live, perhaps there is a Meijer? I have never gone to Meijer, but I suspect that any of the big chain grocery stores that have their own pharmacies would be very reasonable.

It really pays to shop around. Since you have never done any price shopping like this for prescription drugs, you are in for a real surprise. For instance last spring/summer I decided to get the brand name Dexedrine just to switch things up for a change, and the lowest price I found was at K-Mart for $210.00, and the most expensive price was at CVS for $490.00 for the exact same drug, from the exact same manufacturer.

The manner in which these large chain pharmacies price gouge really saddens me, especially how they are taking advantage of the elderly, and people without insurance who might not ever consider that the price is any different (possibly hundreds of dollars cheaper) at the pharmacy across the street. I imagine most people who are going into Walgreens, or CVS, Right Aid, etc, have no idea how much they, or their insurance company are being taken advantage of buy those big chain pharmacies. Unfortunately each store is allowed to charge what ever they like when it comes to prescription drugs.

When September 11th happend, and there was a feeling of panic that swept the nation, some places around the country that sold gasoline got in trouble for raising the price of their gas a dollar or more a gallon in an effort to price gouge. The attorney generals from each state demanded that the price gouging be reported so that they could go after those businesses that did the price gouging. Why are they not going after these pharmacies that are taking so much more from people than say an extra $1 a gallon?

I would like to say to those attorney generals "why can't anything be done about the price gouging that goes on everyday at so many big chain pharmacies in every single city?" I wish they would listen to a question like that, but I have found out the hard way over the years that even though people are shocked when they discover this news, they seldom really care due to the fact that they themselve have insurance. It's a real shame that there are no politicians that adress this problem either. It really does break my heart the way these pharmacies are able to take advantage of people like they have been, and like they do every single day.

Sorry to ramble on about this, but the issue of shopping around for the best price from pharmacy to pharmacy is something that has been very important to me, and I have deleloped very strong feeling concerning this issue, and how often it is ignored. I wish more people knew about it, becuse I think that people would start to take their business elsewhere just to support the pharmacies that are not price gouging.

:soapbox: Ok, I'm stepping down off my box now.

11-30-07, 12:38 AM
Costco charges $20 for 120 40mg generic. Walmart charges a little above $60 for the same prescription. These are the prices I have encountered in the Philadelphia region. I have to pay out of pocket, so I went to every pharmacy in the tri-state area and asked for a quote, my local pharmacy wanted $160!!!. (Some pharmacies (costco) will not give you a price quote over the phone for this medication)

01-14-08, 03:50 PM
I'm buying methylphenid 10mg at Target. I just got 150 tabs for $47.99