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01-25-07, 01:12 PM
Hi guys! I'm Lauren! I'm 16 and I just randomly found this site and decided to sign up. I've never been diagnosed with ADHD but there are times where I wonder if I do have it. I'm constantly daydreaming or thinking of random thoughts and I'm usually never on the same wavelength as everyone else. I'm not really hyper, but it's more like my brain is hyper than my body is. I can never really pay attention in class and my parents are constantly telling me to "pull myself together". I'm also always losing things like my ID and metrocard and forgetting about things I'm supposed to do, like chores, or even fun stuff like parties. Um okay, now some good things about me: I really like reading, drawing, and playing my guitar, and I like watching anime too. Oh yeah and I have a fairly high I.Q (133) which can be misleading because it makes my parents think there's nothing wrong with me and I'm just too lazy, but that's not true because I can practice playing my guitar or read for hours without stopping and I'm usually really motivated to do well in school, but somehow I end up getting lower grades than I'm capable of. So what do you guys think? Could it be ADD?

By the way, I found a link to a test on this forum and these are the results:

ADD Combined Type: Not Probable

ADD Inattentive Type: Highly Probable

Cingulate System Hyperactivity: May be possible

Limbic System Hyperactivity: Probable

Basal Ganglia Hyperactivity: Highly Probable

Temporal Lobe System: Not Probable

Oh yeah and this site is awesome! :D

01-25-07, 04:03 PM
Hi Lauren! Welcome to the forums. I think you'll definitly find the support you're looking for on these forums; they're such a great resource.

Enjoy your stay!

(geez I sound like a hotel doorlady)

01-25-07, 05:40 PM
Hi Lauren :)

If you think you have ADHD then tick off symptoms that you have and show them to your doctor.

Here's a great website for girls and a checklist for you too:


01-25-07, 09:54 PM
welcome to ADDF, Lauren!

It's nice to meet you! It sounds possible that you are ADHD. The best thing to do is to go to get an evaluation done by a psychiatrist.

Have you brought this up to your parents?

Have your teachers said anything to you about ADHD?


If you need anything, please don't hesitate to private message me or the other Teen mod tracyhaddb or post it on the forums

01-25-07, 10:33 PM
Thanks for the welcome guys! Yeah, I tried telling my parents but they won't believe me :(

01-25-07, 10:52 PM
Thanks for the welcome guys! Yeah, I tried telling my parents but they won't believe me :(
That's tough when both parents don't agree with you on that. Talk to an adult you trust; maybe an aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher, etc. The earlier you find out the better.

01-26-07, 01:48 AM
hello punkgirl an warm wellcome to you to the add frums
thats the thing with perents there just dont allways get wehat you mean!

still you fit in well here be well


01-26-07, 08:39 AM
Welcome to the Forums. Hope you find a nice happy home here...