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01-25-07, 06:31 PM
My school have decided they want to test me for dyscalulia. I do have alot of problems with numbers, but I am in the top class for maths. The weird thing about being in the top class is, I can't do basic maths in my head. I also can't read numbers very well, or write them in the right order. I don't know my times tables, all maths does is frustrate me. Why am I even in this class? Well actually I can be good at maths, but in my own time and in my own way.

Anyway, i was wondering, how can I be a discalculiac if I am in the top class?

Also are there any other dyscalculics on the forums?

01-31-07, 12:38 PM
Hi boone 1, I am Dyscalculiac too and have extreme difficulty with math. One of the wierd paradoxes for some Dyscalculiacs is that thay can often do higher math but still not be able to add, subtract etc. without the aid of finger counting and/ or pencil and paper. Dyscalculiacs often lack the ability-for example to know there are 24 objects on the table before them. We have to touch each item in order to count it and if we mis-count, o-o-ohwee it becomes necessary to start at the beginning. Dyscalculia is something we are born with.T Statistics are that we make up 4 to 6% percent of people whose brains are wired differently and Some higher math does not rely on being able to add and subtract but requires other types of thinking. Only in recent years is Dyscalculia getting the research and funding it needs to aid those of us who have it.There is much information on it-much more than in the past. Consider yourself Very lucky your school is willing and wanting to test you for it, boone 1 as in some school districts this has been a real problem. I was not tested until 2003, well passed the age when such knowledge would have benefitted me in furthering my education.
Good luck and I hope you find further answers you're seeking. Anytime you need someone to talk "Dyscalculia feel free to P.M me. I hope what I've written makes sense and helps you. Know You are not alone.

:) :cool: :D ;)

02-02-07, 11:07 PM
Thanks for the post "Odd-S".

I am so confused about Math LD testing. Apparently so much research goes into other LDs, but not Math LDs.

Lately I read an article that TOTALLY SUPPORTS what you say! (LD ?)

It mentioned that *undiagnosed* Math LD students can be very bright, be verbally strong and give good explanations (so they sound math capable) which can lead teachers, etc. to think that there mustn't be a Math LD going on.... so the specific sub-tests are not given. (Then the diagnosis is missed and not given... leading to all kinds of frustration and self-blame.)

For myself, this Math LD (or something like it) is effectively destroying my chance at a career and a real life. (e.g. the loan people are coming for me soon; noone wants to hire 1/2 a nurse.)

I am a 0.5 credit away from my Nursing Degree, and cannot GRADUATE all b/c I cannot 'get' the REQUiRED 0.5 credit in Statistics.

(However, i can do Grade 12 Math; can do math in my head; can make change; I 'get' algebra.) None of this makes sense to me.

It doesn't help that i have some jerk Professor tell me that "Statistics is not math" and "All you need is Grade 6 Math to pass Statistics." What a load.

I love Math and hate it (for blocking me) all at the same time. Feeling very overwhelmed.

re: Post #1, BOONE

N.B. Yes, you can be at the top of your class and still have a math LD. My one friend on ADDFORUMS can't do certain operations, but CAN pass Statistics, where as I cannot pass the Statistics, but can do calculations in my head, and can make change in my head, count coins, etc.

02-03-07, 02:30 AM
I'm pretty sure I have dyscalculia as well. As a kid I was at the 14th percentile in arthmetic calculations (while my IQ put me in the top 10% overall), but much, much higher in the conceptual parts of math. That was a million or so years ago and nobody tested for that back then. I was reading that while dyslexia (reading) appears not to be related genetically to ADD (although because of non random pairing of parents many folks have both), both math and spelling problems may all come from the same genetic sources. My psychologist told me that it's very common for ADDers to have massive trouble remembering basic facts information like +, -, x. I remember in school when the teacher would do mental math drills, I could never do them. All the things you mentioned, I have trouble with even today. My daughter who is very much a chip off the old block also has huge troubles with math -- basic facts, computations because she doesn't keep lines straight or forgets a step, etc even though she does understand the concepts and is very bright. Anyway, you're definately not alone in this.

QueensUGirl, is there no way around the statistics? I managed to graduate from two master's programs with out taking a statistics class? I had a little bit in a research class, but not the full whammy.

Take care,

02-03-07, 02:06 PM
Thanks for your replies everyone! :D Im going to research Dyscalculia some more so I can understand it better. I'll post my results when then testings done.