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01-26-07, 12:57 AM
Please post something created by only you.
Let's see what you got!
This is a bit of my music composition in rough form. I was goofing around a bit one day last year doing some improvisation and recorded this with my camera. The audio/vid timing is off but the idea is there anyway...
Just click on the piano. (

01-26-07, 04:04 AM
sounds great to me :-)
my creativity went out the window as soon as I started taking meds :-(
That would make a nice ringtone for my mobile phone :-)

01-26-07, 08:55 AM
Hey you stole my idea I am putting together somepices that I made up I am just not at my house. Very nice. I like the way you really get into it. I have a problem where if I move my body the rest of me follows off the seat.

01-26-07, 09:24 AM
I have a problem where if I move my body the rest of me follows off the seat.
I do move around quite a bit at times depending on what I'm playing.
I prefer to be towards the edge of the bench and high enough that my elbows are slightly higher than the keys.

Have you had formal instruction on how to sit at the piano?

01-26-07, 08:11 PM
Well nah not really my teacher just said sit with a straight back, have your hands and fingers thing with the ball. That is it. I just enjoy playing more. So long as I don't look as wierd as the guy from wolfmother.

07-12-07, 08:05 PM


07-12-07, 10:58 PM
I am the very proud owner of a eletronic KB!

...alltough I can't read sheet music...and I have never taken lessons,

I have sucessfully taught myself (since the age of six or so)

Right now my mom is trying to sucker me into takeing real lessons....but I'm still trying to get over my last violin instructor...


im a left handed violinist....AND YEA I KNOW "no such thing" BUT YOUR LOOKING AT ONE LOL!

07-13-07, 04:06 AM
I'd love to post, but I am only as god as my tubes, and that does not fit the criteria since the tubes are not my work.

08-24-07, 07:49 AM
Id love to post, but my works are built and in SA. I dont think I have any musical tallent

10-25-07, 11:14 PM
I don't have anything specifically mine only to show, but I have worked on some animation projects in the pass, most of which actually got produced.

I always find it extremely ironic that I have ADD, yet I can sit for 12 to 14 hours working on tiny little pieces and characters that barely seem to move or change, and not have a problem with it. And that's even before I got on meds.

10-26-07, 08:12 PM
I really haven't got in touch with my creative side yet. I guess I should look into that since I have so much free time in the evenings. My mom always did crafts and stuff. My dad did wood work. I guess I should find something. I like writing. Maybe I will write something and post it of these days.