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01-30-07, 07:21 AM
I posting this for anybody to sign if they wish. It an E-petition to 10 Downing street concerning the state of our SEN system in England. It was not produced by myself but I said I'd ask on other forums for help in circulating it.


We would be very grateful if you could sign it and even more grateful if you could send the link to as many people as you can

Dear All,

Please sign this petition and forward this email to as many people as possible. signing the petition you will be sent an email. You must click on the link in the email to confirm your signature on the petition.

In June 2006, the House of Commons Select Committee for Special Educational Needs published a report on the failings of the current system of special educational needs. It concluded that the current system is no longer fit for purpose and called upon the Government to take action. The Government's response was described as inadequate by the Select Committee Chairman Barry Sheerman . The Government must take action to stop the failure of children with special educational needs. The links below demonstrate that the current system is not fit for purpose and that the Government's response is inadequate.

Please read the conclusions of the report at : (
Full report at: (

The Government's response to the report at: (

The response from Barry Sheerman, Chairman of the Education and Skills Committee on Special Educational Needs at: (

The debate on the Committee's report in Westminster Hall on Thursday 26 October: (

02-04-07, 07:51 AM
Just singed it, thanks for putting it on!

06-09-09, 03:48 PM
this is such great news-it has shot up from about 90 to about 1500 in a weekish :)
Think it was going to be above 500 and they would address it!

06-09-09, 03:56 PM
This is brilliant! I think you're right, it did have to be above 500.
I didn't realise the amount of signatures would climb so quickly :)

06-11-09, 02:58 PM
If you look carefully, this petition was actually listed two years ago! It finished in July 2007. Perhaps people could sign the new one as well / instead?

06-11-09, 03:27 PM
There is a current petition stickied in the main Advocacy Forum regarding Adult ADHD in the UK.

Please click the following link. :)

06-14-09, 08:17 AM
There is a current petition stickied in the main Advocacy Forum regarding Adult ADHD in the UK.

Please click the following link. :)
Cheers Grafter!
This is the one i was stickied
I got a bit carried away and sent a private message to number 10's office lol irony galore!I should have made a copy.(i know it wont reach anyone but it was entertaining for me!)