View Full Version : Book - ADD in Adults by Dr Gordon Serfontein

01-31-07, 01:13 AM
Hi there,

Have any of you guys read "ADD in Adults" by Dr Gordon Serfontein. He's an Australian Dr. (who aslo has ADD) I found his book to be quite good. It's not to complicated and he gives good suggestions on how you can improve on your abilities. It's a pretty simple book, but I like it. I purchased this book in 1996 so I'm sure he's got updated books by now, but I thought I would just share his info.

He's also written another book called "The Hidden Handicap". I've yet to read this one. Anyone read this one?


02-07-17, 03:37 AM
Wow what a pity, this post was posted ten years ago almost to the day, but it's only just now that its getting it's first reply, that sucks! I was lucky enough to see the now late Dr Serfontein waaaay back in his early pioneering days, he changed my life back then, the right medication combined with counselling changed everything, if somehow, by some crazy bit of luck the OP is still about please reply to this so we can talk!