View Full Version : Band director doesn't understand me

01-31-07, 08:30 AM
It feels like my band director is starting to get impatient with me because I have a hard time staying focused and I ask the same question every Wednesday "Do we have band today after school?" We usually do have band after school every wednesday now he's cancelling them. I am trying very hard to understand. I also got denied so many times this year and last year I asked if i could do music theory 1 last year and it got denied and I'm already having a hard year because im Failing Math and stuff like that. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Saint Valentine
06-05-09, 11:14 PM
Well, you can always try just explaining to your director about your ADHD/ADD. If you've been officially diagnosed, most U.S. schools require a certain amount of accommodation for those diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. Otherwise, just hope that he'll accommodate you anyways.

Also, I noticed that you play the trumpet. I do too! Is this another one of these weird tendencies that makes the trumpet a good choice for people with ADHD?