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02-01-07, 05:28 PM
Does anyone reading this know of the type of therapists/counselors who help people raise their self-esteem specifically.

I think I've been to just about any counselor you can think of,"psychiatrist, psychologists, graduate student counselors, social worker, seminary counselor(bible based counseling), and I just can't seem to find what type of counselor would work for me as far as alot of the issues I'm going through regarding ADHD.

Most importantly, I think my focus right now is building up my self-esteem, and once this has been helped some what, I think I can go on to some other type of therapies.

With all the different type of professionals a person can talk to regarding making them feel better about themselves, or just some things I'm dealing with in general. I honestly don't know where to start.

I'm just trying to find someone who won't necessarily tell me what I want to hear but at the same time being aware of some of things I want in life, without giving judgemental remarks.
I guess it would be ideal to have an ADHD specialist type of counselor that understands what I have to go through, but then again if there's someone out there who can help who doesn't specialize in ADHD, then I'm all for it.

I won't get into some of the bad experiences I've had with specific counselors, but it's been quite a few. I really don't want to waste a whole lot of time with someone who just doesn't get it, and then I'm stuck with an outrageous bill.

Any suggestions anyone?
A little talking never hurt anyone!

02-01-07, 05:57 PM
I went to a cognitive behavioral therapist recommended to me by my psychiatrist. He was very helpful. Most of what he did was teach me to look at things a different way. Turning negative into positive, stretching myself a little at a time. Replacing the "tapes in my head". My brain kept telling me one thing, and he taught me how to speak to myself in a different way. He was honest, but not judgemental. I think the most helpful thing was he taught me to be more realistic about issues in my life.

He was a comfort, also, when my husband and I seperated. So more than practical help and self esteem was involved. Hope that helps you.

07-30-07, 03:48 PM

i think a Life Coach would specifically help you raise your self-esteem.

they're the kind of people who only focus on the present and the future, instead of digging up the past.
i've actually heard of people using a Life Coach and a traditional therapist simultaneously... because the life coach helps empower you to create the life that you want, while the therapist helps you heal unresolved issues of the past.

i've never heard of one who specializes in ADHD, but i think that's irrelevant. whether you have ADD or another disorder, they can still help you boost your sense of self-worth.

07-30-07, 04:49 PM
Working with both and ADD Coach and a mental health professional can be very helpful. The ADD Coach can help you work on strategies to help to move forward and be more productive. The mental health professional can help you with issues that deal more with the emotions. I think the key is finding professionals who really understand ADD. Most ADD Coaches list their trainings on the websites so that can give you a basic idea about their understanding of ADD. Unless the mental health professional is known as an expert in ADD you as the client has to work at finding out if they actually undertstand ADD.