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02-01-07, 09:01 PM
Does anybody find that smaller homework tasks are manageable but when it comes to big things, like essays and coursework you just can't bring yourself to do it?

I've been sat trying to force myself to make a start on my biology coursework for the past 2 hours and I'm scarcely a sentence further than when I started, what sort of things help you guys concentrate on stuff like this?

(20 minutes spent typing this post, urg)

02-01-07, 09:31 PM
Sounds like you have ADD for sure. I use to drink coffee daliy becasue I noticed that it helped me focus a little bit becasue caffeine is a stimulant. I dont recommend you do that though. I dont know how old you are or your health condition but large amounts of caffeine will raise your blood pressure and put stress on your heart.

I do recommed you see a physciatrist that treats ADD and get an evaluation. If you do indeed have ADD there is medicine that will help you stay focus for hours.

It will be one of the most important choices you will every make! You will no longer have to stay up all night studying/ doing school work when you know even then is not enough to prepare you for the next day. You will be more relaxed and have a lot more free time to enjoy yourself. Im 19 now and I just started taking Concerta in October. I regret not getting an evaluation when I was younger. I feel that I wasted several years in school skating by doing nothing. I could have done so more with my life and accomplished everything sooner. I feel I dont know as much as I should today becasue I could only study 10 min at a time.

Do not hold yourself back! Get some treatment and you will succeed! I guarantee it!

02-02-07, 03:24 PM
Hi routhy,
You may already be doing this but when I find myself hitting a brick wall in my studies I get up and walk away from it (temporarily of course.) Moving around clearing my mind doing something that doesn't require much thought gives me a break. Then I go at it again it really helps me to focus again.

02-02-07, 06:49 PM
@JCFYNEST, I'm 16, and I've vowed to try and beat my ADD wtihout medication, but thanks for the advice.

@Swede63 I'll try that.

02-02-07, 07:30 PM
Routhy, I hate to burst your bubble but you will not see any improvement with your ADD symptoms without mediacation.
Why do you refuse to take medication when its been proved to help? Do you have a history of drug abuse in your family or something?

02-02-07, 08:13 PM
hi routhy!

You could try this:

Use a timer. Set it for 10 minutes. You must study the entire 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, set it for another 10 minutes and take a break!
Continue this cycle until you finish.

It's time consuming, but breaking it up might help you concentrate better, especially knowing that you get breaks.

Hope it helps!!


02-02-07, 09:01 PM
Well, Routhy, if you prefer not to try medication, you could try a half hour of cardio exercise every three to four hours instead. By the way, there is no cure for ADHD.

02-03-07, 10:18 AM
@JCFYNEST Yes, there is, but let's not go into that.

@Imnapl I know there's no cure, that's not what I meant by 'beating ADD'

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try the timer thing, I don't see how cardio could help but I'll try it anyway.

02-03-07, 12:35 PM
Routhy, here's just one link to a discussion about exercise and ADHD.

02-03-07, 11:15 PM
Ohh, I'll definetely try that.

PS - I managed to finish my introduction and my method for the coursework and can now enjoy the rest of my weekend without worrying about facing my biology teacher on monday, yay.