View Full Version : Dark Days Follow Hard-Hitting Career in N.F.L.

02-02-07, 01:56 PM

I read this article from the NYT ( this morning about a former NFL football player who is now suffering depression, drug abuse, and other cognitive impairments due to sustaining several preventable concussions. It's quite sad what ended up happening to him. The interesting (and relevant) part of the article is this:

A half-hour later, he stepped into his Range Rover and drove to his local CVS to pick up another bottle of Adderall. The 72 pills of 30 milligrams each are supposed to last nine days, but he knows he will blow through them in four or five.
Ok, first of all, I'm guessing that the 30 mg pills are the immediate release kind. But am I reading this correctly that his doctor-authorized prescription is for 8 30 mg pills (i.e., 240 mg) per day? That is just insane. Is that even ethical or healthy? Or am I misreading the article?