View Full Version : ADD and tactile sensitivity

02-02-07, 08:04 PM
I have not been med ins....but I've had a problem with tactile sensitivity for a long ...cannot walk barefoot not like to touch certain things as it produces something like a shooting pain in my hands or feet.....i also dont like touching hugs or anything like that......i have suspected ADD for sometime.....but when i talk to anyone about it it seems they dont really believe in it......when i read the symptoms for the first time, it was's not just me....there is a reason for this and im not just crazy, lazy or there anyone out there with this problem too? Most of the time i just wish i could feels like a wall goes up or things get scrambled when i try to focus....i just wish i could be one of those people who are organized ......who can remember things.......can listen without mind wandering....I feel like i really try.......i dont know why it is not something i can control......any help? Doc's in the past said i had depression...put me on zoloft, prozac, effexor, lexapro, wellbutrin...most just made me really depressed,,,,,suicidal even.....don't know if any of this sounds familliar

02-06-07, 09:23 AM
YEAH it does I have the same problem you might have sensory Integration too. I have it also but I don't know if its with Autism or Adhd.

Matt S.
02-06-07, 01:50 PM
Tactile defensiveness was originally seen in hyperactive children... had someone try to slap an asperger's dx on me because I hate irritating noises like clocks etc. and I have a lack of a social life because I choose it so don't automatically assume the worst due to diagnostic stereotypes... PTSD can do the same... hypervigilance versus normal stress in the awareness level increasing... I was thought to be psychotic once when I was having flashbacks and mistreated as a result.