View Full Version : Is it ADD or could it be poor mismanagement?

02-16-07, 02:13 PM
Hi. To start my son has ADD +Mild Asperger Syndrome, this is getting well taken care of.

ADD runs in the family, my husband had it, my son, even my 1st cousin + 3 of her kids, and my 1/2 brother (also ASD).

But the question is does my 5 year old (Snr. Kindergarden) who turns 6 in April have it or is there something else to it.

My husband isn't ready to say she does, my mother in law swears she does and my own mother says maybe based on what the teacher is saying she isn't being challenged. The doctor says its a little too early and if me and the hubby aren't both comfortable with that decision than he would rather not say for certain that she does.

This is very stressful right now. I worry is it that she's not disciplined enough, not enough sleep or does she have it. Either way I would just like to come to the end of the tunnel and know what it is.

The teacher says she does have some "impulsivity control" issues. But it "appears" she chooses things she wants to do. Kindergarden is structured but has some free play in it as well. She "seems" to know the rules and understands them but when the teacher isn't focusing on her, she leaves. Cueing works much of the time but depending on the day it may not be enough. While working on sound books, she works and talks at the same time (which is allowed) completing the task and quite capable but then its like her mood changes and she's off doing something else. She tells her grandma that she doesn't want to go to grade 1 because it's boring and she doesn't like having to stay put and work all day (or something similar).

A big portion of it seems like she needs to do thing on her own terms. For instance at "Sparks" last evening, she was the "Spark of the night", the center of being the big helper but when it came down to it, she didn't want to participate and acted poorly with bad judgement in much of what she did. The teacher said there was a big thing on at Halloween and though she seemed geared to do it before hand, she backed off and chose to stay in the class. Its like she became insecure and out of her comfort zone (she has many friends, and is constantly invited out to birthday parties).

Does anyone have some insight?

Is she lacking sleep? (cause this can go to concentration)
Do you think she has ADD?
Is she not being challenged (bored)?

Any other thoughts.

02-16-07, 02:52 PM
Family history + "impulsivity" + "control issues" + anxiety ("insecurity") + distractibility (leaving group, "off doing something else").....

Sounds like some characteristics of ADD/ADHD. I think you would have a valid reason to consult a specialist about it, preferably a child psychologist, psychiatrist, or neurologist. You should consult with someone who has a decent background in testing and diagnosing children with ADD/ADHD. This specialist should observe your child in school, home, and play settings, as well as interview pertinent adults in your daughter's daily life to properly gather evidence.

If she has sleep issues, then you can try getting her on a regular sleep schedule and see what happens after a month before taking her to a specialist.

If she's not being challenged, then an easy remedy would be to provide her with enrichment opportunities during/afterschool; for example, after her work is finished, she can be rewarded by choosing to do an extra assignment like reading a book or a curriculum-related art project. Another option is to get her tested by a gifted teacher (which usually happens in 1st grade) to see if she qualifies to participate in a gifted program.

Good luck with your little one!

02-16-07, 02:59 PM
Thank you for replying.

I know it's typical that she could have it because everyone in our family seems to have it but I want to be sure cause my husband needs to be sure. We do have a "specialist doctor" for my son so that's not a problem but coming to the school would be. I'm going to look into the resource teacher to observe her and try to get a sleep schedule. She only receives 9.5 - 10 hours of sleep if she's lucky.

Thanks for your thoughts.

02-16-07, 03:56 PM

I just wanted to say thanks and commend you for trying to help your daughter so early with stratigies and support, instead of turning straight to medication. My mom did the same for me as a kid. I feel that doing what she did, and you are talking about doing, gave me the best of both worlds. I got the structure and support I needed as an ADD kid, but still got to enjoy being a hyper kid who could find fascination anywhere. But I did very well in elemantary school (reading and math at 2 grades above level, and only 2 big problem incdences) because of the work and patience of my parents and was a happy (if clumsy, messy, and rowdy) kid.

I hope your daughter can have the same joys and success through your help.
Good luck.

Too clarify: I have no objections to medication for ADD, in fact I wholly support it. But as a kid, many of my fondest memories and experiences are from the hyperactivity and boundless fascination of ADD.