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02-20-07, 11:25 PM
I have read about the the first 10 threads and didn't understood much, all i saw around was Dyslexia , i also have a.d.d , i have taken Strattera 15mg & 40mg and it did help me focus/concentrate and give all my attention to the teacher, it made me feel antisocial and all that other good stuff to focus in class, but i noticed during math class i was so focus'd to everything he was saying, i just didn't record it, i didn't understand at all , i was just looking at him and what he was writing on the board, i have a huge LD disorder i cannot suck in the information to my brain, i cannot record information and store it onto my brain, this have been going on for a longtime that i have problems remembering things for tests, i always failed math tests during high school :(, but anyhow the point in this thread is to know what should i ask my doctor , i'm terrible at math, today i failed my college placement test in math & reading so they're more likly to put me in basic math class aka easy... and even then could it be hard for me, i just can't learn, i can't record the info to my head, it just goes in through my left ear to my right ear and i was wondering if there is any speific medication to take for LD disorder. Cause i cannot do bad in college. and in college teachers don't care as much as in HS, and there aren't many excuses or slides/advantages as there was in HS and thats a known fact that you guys know. I haven't taken any drugs or anything for my A.D.D, since when i was on a.d.d meds i noticed that i was very focus/concentrated but i wasn't recording the information to my mind so idk what to do i need help !!! i got about 2-3 weeks left before classes, so i might be on these forums 24/7 till i get my answers on what i should do, what meds should i ask my doctor to prescribe me (my doctor got a phd , hes pretty cool) copay is 25 bucks for me with insurrance for like 5minutes so i know they make money :) lol but thats not the point, i need answers and solutions, please do not mention any books....i do not believe in any of that stuff.

serious reply's only !!!!!
thanks in advance!!!

your my only hope !

03-02-07, 04:37 AM
Oh man, I feel for ya.

I left HS a year early, and this too has been my first yr in college. I'm 17, ADHD/ADD, dyslexic and horrible at math, i can relate to alot of the things you have said. I failed both my english and math placement tests too...don't let those get you down they're stupid and inaccurate to us. They basically told me that I was so behind in math that we'd deal with it next yr... I was thinking "well, by next year i'll forget all!!"

Do you ever feel like you can't just understand something 100%? For instance I understand how to do alot more complicated math...oo but i just dont know my times tables. Or, i understand how to write but i can't seem to get anything out. Im either to good at something and bored or to bad and lost and somewhere in between.

As far as medications go? I don't know, everybody responds differently so I coudn't say. Id recommend going as mainstream as you can, don't let the disabled students center make you feel limited in learning. Education is unlimited, we just learn in a different way. See a learning Specialist, the school should have one. He/She will do a work up and tell you exactly where your weak points are and ask them how to improve and they'll tell you. Get your text books on tape and casette, since youd qualify for accomedations. And last but not least, communicate. Ask for help always, if there is a problem or misunderstanding dont be afraid to ask for help and solve it. If you dont you'll fall sooo behind!

Hope this helps somewhat.


03-03-07, 02:39 PM
Knows What You Measn I Like Complx Maths But I Dont Know My Times Table

An Wellcmome To The Forums


06-05-07, 10:49 AM
i have the same problem in math i dont understand it and it doesnt stay in my brains at all and they say keep trying get a tutor itd not that it wont stay and i gone to to get a regular diploma thru GED i have speacial diploma i always fail it cause math so i wish i knew a new way to make this happend

06-21-07, 10:28 AM
i have the same problem in math i dont understand it and it doesnt stay in my brains at all and they say keep trying get a tutor itd not that it wont stay and i gone to to get a regular diploma thru GED i have speacial diploma i always fail it cause math so i wish i knew a new way to make this happend
You may need a tutor either from the college or a private tutor. If you want to do anything with your life you will need that GED. Colleges will not accept you with out a regular GED.

11-15-07, 11:52 PM
I understand exactly the pain you are going through. I am in college and it really bothers me that people do not understand the struggles that I face. But never give up no matter what.

11-16-07, 01:08 AM
i was wondering if there is any speific medication to take for LD disorder
I'm pretty sure there are no meds for LDs. I wish there were tho.

11-16-07, 02:29 AM
re: 1

Have you had any testing?

Auditory Memory problems (remembering what we hear in Class) is a HUGE problem for ADDers. ONe of the MAIN deficits.

Ask if you can TAPE your lectures and go home to Type them up into Notes? (e.g. like a Podcast)

For Goodness Sake, get Testing before you go to COLLEGE!

11-16-07, 02:32 AM
re: 1

- PHD's can't prescribe meds. Only MDs can. (PhD Psychologists don't have any medical education.)


- Have you actually been DIAGNOSED as having an "LD", or are you just GUESSING that you have an LD b/c you can't "remember what you hear in class"?

11-29-07, 10:23 PM

I am severely dyslexic, ADD, and have auditory processing issues (unrelated to ADD). I am now in my junior of college and overall been very successful academic, but not without having to fight for services at times and put 2-3 times as much effort into my work. Choosing a the right college, and not just the one your most attracted or find appealing is important. However, I know you have already chosen and my experience and those of friends with LDs or ADD have the following ideas or steps have become apparent such as:

1) Advocating for yourself and investating the services and supports available to you even if you think you do not need them. This means making an appointment with someone or talking to speak with the college's LD or ADA director. I personally reccomend in person because if you need serveres that only the LD or ADA office provides or can authorize you may be working and visting this office on a regular basis and sometimes going in person provides more information than over the phone can provide. You need to ask your self, is the office and particularly the LD director someone you can work with. Also, during this visit is the time to ask important question related to how is important concerning your learning style and what you need. Other questions may include:
-what is the actually class in comparision to what is reported in the book or even on a school tool
-what is the policy regarding extended-time on tests in needed and other accomodations such as access to a word processor or a distraction free space for tests
-how many students does the office provide services for and how success have they
-other services such as in-class note taker
-is tutoring available and in what subjects, is it private one-one or in small groups, does it cost extra money, and also is additional tutoring available if neccessary for students with LD / ADD
-access to computer software such as Kurweil or Dragon dicate if needed.

You want to feel as comfortable and confident as possible about the LD office and services that they provide, for they can be a LD / ADD students backbone or support system for succces.

2) Usually at the beginning of year if want accomodations you meet with the LD director discuss specific of accomodation form that are than typed up and written on an offical accomodation form. It only says that you qualify for services, not your exact diagnois is and list the accommodations you qualify for that the teachers have to provide you with. College is not the same as high -school. Usually the student has to take the accomdation form and get it signed by the professor and talk to the professor about your learning style or any concerns that you have, as much as feel comfortable sharing.
-it is better to ask for as many accomodations that your testing will allow and justify eligiablity for. It is better to have the option for an accodation, even if you feel you do not need it. At least you know its there, and also sometimes the accomodations you may need can vary by subject.

3) Sorry, I also forget sometimes the LD director can give you advice on which classes or what professor to take, some professor are more open minded and their teaching style may fit your learning style more another another professor.

4) Also, you have probably registered for classes by now, but anyway sometimes it can be benefical to registry for as many classes as you can and go to the first class to get the syllabus and feel about the class and particualry the professor. And then only 3-4 classes, the number of credits you need to remain full time, especially the first semester. Overloading, if one of the most common mistakes I see students make cause their grades to suffer, cause added stress, and sometimes students have withdrawn or failed a class or more. Afterwards, you a better idea of what you can handle, 15-16 credits maybe the norm for most students, however 4 classes at a time is all I can handle and still to well and manage the stress.
Quality is more important than quanity.

I may write more later, but I have to go.

12-05-07, 04:32 PM
re: ADD & Auditory processing

It is my understanding that ADD and Auditory Processing DEFICITS often go hand in hand.

E.G. AUDITORY MEMORY. (Or, it impairs the Auditory Working Memory so badly that functionally, it MIMICS an Auditory Processing Disorder.)

12-05-07, 04:33 PM
ADDers can often SAY THEIR WORK, but they can't WRITE THEIR WORK.

My intervention is to use Dictaphone or DRAGON.

12-07-07, 04:10 AM
There is no way around it, it's going to be verry verry hard if you have an LD and ADD. I failed out of college my first year. I have a 4.0 this semester. So you can succed but be prepaird to fail.

For me personaly, the big diffrence has been trying and outlines. Over time I have been able to go from maxing out at 10 pages of reading a day to about 200. When i read I use a highly orginsed system for my outline, I do my outline while I read using dragon naturally speaking. I put down every factoid in the book. My outlines are about 8-10 pages for every 40-50 book pages but they are verry light reads becuse they just outline main points, what facts support the points and whos who. I do my reading befor we cover the chapter in class and then I just write in pen or pencil any note from class I feel my book notes negeleted.

My intervention is to use Dictaphone or DRAGON.Thats awsome I didn't even read this befor I posted :D