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02-24-07, 03:57 AM
I seem to be doing ok so far... I am remembering most of everything my teacher teaches me. I can count from 1-10. Sometimes if my memory serves, I can count to 19 or so...

But I do forsee a problem concentrating on what the teacher is teaching me... I am aslo having slight problems keeping up when he is speeking full sentences in German...

Any advice or help to be able to get through this class without just remembering it for a test or somethng?

02-24-07, 08:26 PM
I dont know what methods your teacher uses but my teacher had pictures around the room of things and had them labled. Which helped me alot. It might help to do this at home. Put up pictures of objects and there german translation and/or label things around the house. That way you see the words and the pictures they go with and might help later...I am assuming your teacher gives you a list of words to remember.
I hope this helps..;)

02-25-07, 12:53 PM
That's a great idea, Honeybunnie!

When I was learning sign language, every where I went I tried to remember the label of things and signed it.

02-25-07, 04:35 PM
My teacher makes us say the word then basically act it out. Like "das Haus" (The House) We have to make a house with our hands...

And thanks for the tips! I will try to do that too :)

02-28-07, 05:14 AM
FLASH CARDS. that's the only way i can learn. everyone is differnet though. i've been "tought" japanese since 1st grade...and in hs...japanese is very hard. grammer...kanjis(sybloms),ect...are every hard. just that flash cards almost have to make myself remember..or else..i won't pass "my test." put pictures on your flashcards. one side pictures/meaning and the other side the german word. GL man/girl? haha

02-28-07, 11:46 AM
The vocabulary's not that hard. What flummoxed me was all the adjective and adverb endings and how they changed with gender. Gah!

02-28-07, 05:42 PM
LOL. nevermind. like i said, i'm taking japanese, but i just don't "get" spelling rules and junk. hmm who knows. GL

03-01-07, 02:09 AM
Thanks for the tips guys :)

I have started to use iFlash to help me remember, it's starting to get harder now.... I think I just need to get some of the works written down so that I can study them outside of school... I just kinda seem to get clogged up and I can't keep up with what the teacher is saying... AHH! Stupid ADD...

07-12-07, 07:34 AM
An old post, yet again, but I have just one very important tip:


I made that mistake. As soon as I learned to stop, I improved.

If you are truly interested in your classes and are working to atleast your average potential then you should do great! Getting angry with yourself gives you a mental block and for the rest of the lesson you become INCAPABLE of taking it in. It is like after playing an exciting game of soccer, trying to sit down for an hour and memorise something. Your brain actually secretes a chemical that makes you focus on NOW and shuts off distractions like ability to learn and comprehend. Do not get into this cycle! Be proud of the positives of AD/HD and understand that the negatives can be overcome. If the current learning style is not working, don't blame your condition, blame the learning style. Think "It is not compatible with me!". Find a new way to learn that DOES suit you and your condition! NEVER get frustrated with your lack of ability. Just realise that you must be doing it wrong and try something else.

Lady Lark
07-12-07, 10:48 AM
You can also talk to yourself in German (as best you can right now). It helps to reinforce the language. The month before my sister went to Germany as an exchange student she was speaking German all the time. Drove me crazy. Then again, in later years when I took German it did give me a bit of a leg up in the class. ;)

11-12-07, 05:14 PM
oh god i have the same problem lol but with spanish ! god i want to learn another lang and brail and sign lana. and others but i will stick with one for now :) . she makes us particiapte and at some points i only understand parts of what she is asking so i loo like a dope lol sorry not much help for you but i understand how you feel

12-09-07, 06:46 PM
emmerse yourself in the language! listen to german music, watch german movies, even if you don't understand it hearing people speak can help. Get a clear shower curtain with pockets and make index cards, put them in the pockets or laminate them and tape them on the shower curtain. Put words everywhere. Lable the parts of your house in German. Also, it helps me when people write things down. I need to be able to see it to understand it. Can you go to the teacher and meet with them? If you struggle with pronunciation or listening have the teacher record themself speaking into a tape recorder and then go listen to it. If you have trouble reading ask the teacher for some easy childrens books or something.

and supersomeone.. i want to learn sign language too! Ive got the alphabet and bored down. that's it.. At our office of disability services one of hte women is hearing impared and is fluent in sign, she made a sign for my name, Molly, by signing chatterbox with an M. hehe. Signlanguage is awesome.. butlanguages are so hard

12-09-07, 08:52 PM
ADD is a working memory problem.

This also means AUDITORY working memory. (e.g. remembering exactly what we JUST heard!!!)

We have, basically, the OPPOSITE of a 'Photographic Ear'. More like "ear memory with a lot of leaks".

ofcourse this can cause problems -- esp if you are trying to simultaneously 'decode' what your teacher is saying (phonemes or 'sound shapes') from what you just heard (using the faulty auditory working memory).

(a) 'say it' over in your head (self talk; "create a 'phonological [sound] LOOP'." )

(b) listen to german tapes with looking at the textbook as back up ("look at the Mental Blackboard of the words".)

(c) also, someone else mentioned FLASHCARDS. yup.

repeat, rinse, repeat. <G>

remember: repetition is our friend.