View Full Version : Testing by Emode

12-30-03, 01:53 PM
I recently joined Emode, now called "Tickle" via Classmates. It offered to give an IQ test, so I took the IQ Test. Then it offered a membership for a monthly fee - I think it is 12.00 a month, which allows unlimited access to all their premium psychological/educational tests online. I have taken 3 tests so far and have been amazed at how accurate they are. I did the IQ, and two career choice tests. I was pointed in the direction of educator and therapist as my highest likely areas to choose. Some of the other jobs recommended were jobs I had already done, such as photographer and journalist. This was VERY accurate. So I am suggesting to others, that the career testing is very accurate. There are many (dozens) of tests I have not taken, that have to do with many areas. I noticed several social style tests are available. There are several other tests on career selection as well, which I intend to take. I figure the more results the better.

I like the convenience of taking these tests at home, and my fee, one fee, the 12.00/mo covers all the tests I want to take, as often as I want.

Not a bad deal in my opinion.