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02-24-07, 11:58 PM
I will be asking about switching to abilify soon now that I have stabilized with the risperdal. I'd like to know about any personal stories on this drug. I've been to the site and keeped myself up to date on the information as best I can. I did take it once in the past but for less than 2 weeks and wasn't taking it like I was suppose to (skipping days). any stories would be helpful.


03-02-07, 11:31 PM
Hey netsavy,
As you know I took abilify (2mg) of label for ADD (took it for 2.5 weeks) but as it started working (1 week) I got really restless and stopped taking it.

I don't know if you read my last post in the Wellbutrin section but I have quit that as well (day 7) due to nasty, never ending side-effects...ACK!

However, I have decided to go back and try the liquid form of ABILIFY (I had a good response to it) in micro-doses (.25mg or .5mg) and hope I get the good effects without the bad ones. Have you heard of low doses like that of ABILIFY?

Hows the Clonidine treating you? I'm going to start Clonidine soon as well...

I wouldn't hesitate with ABILIFY at all. It works pretty fast and has fewer side-effects than other AP's. Again, my only problem with it was that I got that inner-restlessness. Do you know if that pases or if you get it, you've got it?

Thanks, take care...

03-03-07, 04:55 PM
not a problem. I think the internal restlessness side effect lasts until you stop taking it. i have that even w/o meds so it would only be increased for me. I never really heard of using abilify at such low doses before. I've only taken 2 clonidines so far and have experienced dry mouth with it. (and dry throat)...