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02-26-07, 11:50 AM
My first thought was the folks at ADDForums in the pda organization section would love this.... so here it is, there you go, now you got it! Being free, and useful, I had to share this with you.

I always need reminders about appointments, and social plans, even when they are routine. To further increase the disparity between me and my schedule, my children always throw in last minute items, such as "I'm in a play tomorrow, you're coming to it." Arghhhhhh - I love their stuff, their plays and social plans, but arggghhhhh, my schedule is hard to follow as it is!

So what does one do? I found google has a free calendar that can be shared among any group of people you choose - ie; my family! I wanted everyone in my family to input their school, social, business, and medical appointments in advance, so I will be able to plan on it. Everyone in the house agreed it was a good idea, and we sat together and input everyone's plans.

I found the calendar easy to use, and I found the output called "Agenda" to be very neat and organized, simple to read, nothing complex. Personally these devices dont work for me unless they are incredibly simple to use - otherwise, I just stop using them.

Then!! I found the piece of gold!! There are notification options you can choose, and I chose them all. They are options to have notification by pop-up, by email, and by text message to your cell phone. I chose everything they got. I also chose the notifications to come 1 hr before an appointment, giving me plenty of time to dress, drive, etc.

And guess what, it beeps me 1 hr before every appt, and I find a text message on my phone, letting me know what it is in 1 hr that I have to do!! It is awesome.

It's easy and it's free. All you need is a cell phone, a computer and an internet - that probably describes most of us.

For those that want to try it, go to google, (you get a google account for free), and find the calendar feature.

I also happen to like their other online office software, which I got for free - and I think the regular versions are still free - I use them for business, such as the spreadsheets - they are nice for sharing info with my associates online.

But the calendar feature, it is very sweet for me!


03-04-07, 12:38 AM
I think I will give this a try.

07-28-08, 09:36 PM
yeah I use this as well. It works great with my blackberry curve!.

02-25-09, 03:38 PM
I have been using google calendar for a few months and it has been very helpful for me. One feature that has not been mentioned yet is the fact that you can add appointments to your google calendar from your cellphone by text. When you get the reminders texted to your phone, there is a number that the text came from. You can send texts to that number and the stuff will miraculously appear in your google calendar. The program that sets this up is incredibly "smart" so if you just say something like dentist appointment on March 12th at 3 pm, it figures out which thing is the date, the time, and then uses the rest for the text of the appointment.

If you have your default notifications set up right, you don't have to do anything more - google calendar will remind you in every way you already specified. I put my default reminders as: send me an email the day before, send me a text six hours before, and send me a popup on my computer screen AND a text 15 minutes before.

I should add that I don't put everything from my outlook calendar (my main tool) onto my google calendar. Just things that are outside my routine, or things that I don't really "want" to do, deep down inside - like go to the dentist. On Sunday night, I look at the week ahead and figure out which things are likely to escape me if I am not alerted and I put just those things into my google calendar. I also share a google calendar with my son, and if I think of things he might miss, I put those on his calendar too.

This has been a very effective way for us to combat our constant "forgetting" of appointments or tasks. I am not sure if I explained the technical part very well, but it is laid out pretty well on the google calendar site.