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02-26-07, 02:46 PM
Tomorrow will be day #1. I really hope that this is the right one for me. We shall see. :)

I was reading the article that JR1973 posted Daytrana Patch ( and this kept being repeated:

Remember that after 5 weeks the amount of medication released is almost double the dose on the label if worn for 9 hours and even higher if worn longer.

At the risk of sounding WAY blonde - which I am, LOL - How the heck does the patch know that it's been worn for 4 or 5 weeks? Are they trying to say that for some reason that our bodies will start absorbing up to double the amount of medication after that time frame? And if so, WHY? I have not read the package insert yet, but I wonder if it outlines that? And if so, then it seems like the titration period is sorta worthless if in 5 weeks - BLAMO! - you're gonna be getting considerably more medicine...

Is it just me???? :eyebrow:

02-26-07, 02:53 PM
That link was a little confusing about that one point. I would think the body just becomes more 'accustomed' to having the patch on and may absorb the meds quicker soooo that means you might not have to wear the patch for 15 straight hours to absorb the total amount of med. That's my guess.

What dose of patch are you starting with?


02-26-07, 03:25 PM
What dose of patch are you starting with?

20mg :)

02-26-07, 03:30 PM
Oh yeah, I hope that this drug is considerably different than what makes up Adderall, b/c it says that it delivers 2.2 mg/hour. For me, if I took 2.2 mg of Adderall, it would have done NOTHING for me!!! :confused:

02-26-07, 04:42 PM
If I remember correctly if you leave it on for the entire 15 hour duration that patch will give you 54mg. Well the only way is to test it out I guess. One thing the patch might have what no other pill can do is a constant and continuous dose until it either runs out or you remove it.

I think most of us, (myself included) are very sensistive to the peaks and valleys of the meds. That is why many people say that Adderall XR works great for 5-6 hours then starts to lose steam. If you look at the presciption data sheet you will see that it around that time is when it peaks, then it starts to fall. While Adderall XR still maintains decent blood levels for up to 12 it's really only working for you until it hits the peak. A patch doesn't have this problem.

Keep us informed about the patch!


02-26-07, 05:11 PM
I will definitely keep you guys updated! :) I feel really grateful that I found this site. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone :)

I have a question (and maybe there's a more appropriate forum for this, but my head hurts from today's Adderall, so.... ): For those of you that were not Dx till adulthood - even though we've lived everyday of our lives with the symptoms - was the moment that the light bulb went on just amazing? Like for me, it's been Ah-Ha! after Ah-Ha! for the past week - What I don't understand is how I didn't make the connections before now.

I asked my hubby last night if who I am today (my behavior/personality characteristics) is the exact same as I've always been (meaning that since realizing the Dx, I haven't become MORE symptomatic or whatever) and he said "Definitely, you act no different than you always have" - to which I replied "Wow, and you STILL married me?!" LOL I guess I am just now seeing what so many have seen in me for a long time - and that's not a bad thing.

I am not ashamed of who I am - it's just that so much of who I am now has a NAME! I have always been grateful for my personality, made friends easily and really enjoy making people laugh and making friends so easily. My husband has always called me his little "firecracker" :) That would be the H part of the ADHD. LOL :p

02-27-07, 11:32 AM
Ick. I have an appetite. Double Ick. :(

I know it's only day 1, and I'm guessing that I can't make any sort of true judgment this early, right? As of yet, I don't feel super focused or anything...I am SO an immediate gratification person (not a great attribute, I know), so this not knowing immediately is borderline torture on me!

Anyone who's been on the patch have any words of wisdom? How long did it take for you to yay or nay it?

02-27-07, 02:38 PM
I really wish there were more people that were taking this form of medicine and could weigh in on it.

I just took it off. It was 30 mins. shy of the 9 hours and I do NOT like how I've felt all day. Just a brief run-down:

1. I've been munching all day (not like me, even non-medicated)
2. I feel totally blue and like crying (some no doubt due to feeling frustrated)
3. I put the jelly in the cupboard where the peanut butter goes rather than in the fridge - obvious sign of my mind being somewhere other than my task; AND as is typical for me, I have had to rewind TiVo a few times because although I've been looking at the TV screen, I haven't heard a word they said.

Is it just me or is it kind of a no-brainer that if I'm feeling these things on the first day that I wouldn't really want to give it another go tomorrow?

I feel like an idiot - and I am really hesitant to call and give such an early report to my Doctor, but yet...I'm equally as hesitant to put this back on tomorrow...

Somehow, even though I wasn't sold on it, Adderall sounds better to me now - is there another option out there (without paying the crazy cost of Desoxyn and risking the red flag with my Doctor since it's not highly favored by them?)

Someone please HELP!

02-27-07, 03:49 PM
What an idiot - I'm the only one responding to my own posts. LOL

Ok, I feel a little better. I mustered up the guts to call my Dr. and risk sounding like a total meat head, giving such an early report. I explained, in detail, to the Nurse what I felt like today and that I really, really didn't like it. She called back after talking to the Doc and she really enlightened me. First of all, she told me that the Doc said it was my choice if I wanted to continue to try the patch or if I wanted to go back and give the Adderall another shot. Here's what I learned (and maybe you guys already know this?) When you are beginning a new drug, just because it may not give you much immediate noticeable benefit (meaning: couldn't see it doing much to improve my focus and distractability) and even if it gives you a few immediate ADVERSE affects (for me headache and slight irritability), does not mean that it won't work, if given time. Does that make sense? So basically, my one week trial of Adderall wasn't long enough to see if the benefits would have emerged. I guess that I just figured that because it's a stimulant, and because it doesn't "build-up" like Straterra would, that you'd either see benefit right away or you wouldn't. So, I guess I learned something today!! ;)

That said, I have opted to give Adderall another try for a few reasons: #1, it did not make me feel like I was going to cry at the drop of a hat (the patch did today) and #2, I didn't eat like a pig all day even when I wasn't hungry. Also, the generic Adderall is MUCH cheaper than the cash-price for the patch, so for those reasons, I think it's worth giving it another shot. At least I think I can do it this time with some more realistic expectations and hopefully that will keep frustration levels at a lower rate. I can deal with a headache...I cannot deal with feeling like a down-in-the-dumps crybaby.

God I'm high maintenance! :(

02-27-07, 04:11 PM
Mom, these forums are full of information that will help you and ease your stress. Have you checked out the med forums?

03-03-07, 03:08 PM
I have been on Daytrana for a little over a month now and must say for me its a better drug than Adderall hands down. I wear the patch 24 hours, and yes I know the directions only say 9. Thats so the drug would get approved by the FDA. If you divide the total amount of medicine in the patch by the mg released per hour you will see it lasts 24+ hours. With that said the patch does not have the highs (peaks) and lows (withdraws) associated with adderall xr or regular adderall. I have not had any patching on my skin which is another perk. I am currently on 15 mg patch and am going to get bumped up to the 20 mg next appointment. Other than that I hope they continue to produce add drugs in patch form and it will eventually get dropped down from its CII rating and no longer require monthly prescriptions (such a pain in my rear). I think the most important thing to rememeber is when taking a new drug for the first time there is always anxiety and stress build up that takes effect for the first few days and not to mention a release of feelings and emotions you are not used to. So I always give every drug at least a months test period regardless of the side effects. Its been a roller coaster ride to get to where you are now whats a few more ups and downs.

With that said wish you the best!!!