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12-31-03, 10:01 AM
Greetings all,

After a recent trial run with Cipramil (SSRI) left me with some unpleasant side-effects, my doctor prescribed me Remeron. I have only been taking the medication for about three days, but it has left me feeling like I am, well, 'stoned to the bajesus' (to quote Bill Murray). I am too sleepy to do much, and I feel like I'm wandering around in a fog.
Ordinarily, I would give the medication some time to set in, but I have a feeling I am dealing with a doctor who is rather unfamiliar with ADD. At present, I am living in Belgium, and my doctor (the only one available to me for free through the university) speaks English as a distant third language. So there's a language barrier of sorts. She is aware of my successful experiences with Paxil and Zoloft in the past, but did not want to prescribe me another SSRI because of my reaction to Cipramil (I think it is Celexa in the States). She insisted that I try the Remeron because of the 'anxiety' I have been experiencing lately. However, I'm pretty sure that this anxiety was due to a.) the Cipramil, b.) the end of the term at school, c.) the anxiety I normally carry as baggage from the ADD. I feel as if she is ignoring the ADD and treating me as simply an anxiety/depression case. In looking up the Remeron, I haven't found a single mention of its use for treating ADD. And while I will be happy if it relaxes me and clears up the 'brain clutter' a bit (thereby allowing me to focus more), I am a little fearful that this 'improvement' will come only at the cost of me being heavily sedated/foggy.
Can anyone out there let me know if they've tried Remeron for their treatment of ADD? Also, any suggestions about more ADD-specific medications like Adderall or Strattera would be more than welcome.

Thanks so much, and happy new year.


01-07-04, 04:20 PM
I've been on Remeron for quite a while and I know what you mean about making you sleepy. I'm not bothered by it because I'm an insomniac and the sleepiness is a huge benefit to me!
It's great for anxiety and is often used "off label" for AD/HD. It will not help with inattentiveness. I take it at night, about a 1/2 hour before I want to go to bed. It works in a somewhat similar way to Strattera (a norepinepherine reuptake inhibitor). Oddly enough I have read that the histamine (H1) effect is more noticable at lower doses and that at higher doses is doesn't make one as sleepy (I'm not sure I understand why that is, but my experience does seem to support that contention). What dosage are you at - 15mg? I haven't been formally diagnosed as ADD (seeing a specialist in late January, hopefully) but I am going to ask him to add Ritalin to the Remeron and I should be good to go!
I am something of a Remeron evangalist, since it has improved my life greatly (I am bothered by IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - common in ADDers, and Remeron is used "off label" for this too)

01-08-04, 01:19 PM
I should have mentioned in my previous post - if the Remeron isn't working out, Effexor might be a good replacement - similar in action (not an SSRI) and it won't put you to sleep. Ask your Dr about it.

01-12-04, 07:21 PM
Thanks for the replies. The stupor seems to be subsiding somewhat, so I'm going to give it another few weeks. It still takes me about an hour to get out of bed (they should prescribe this stuff to insomniacs!), but I've learned to just set the alarm that much earlier.


01-13-04, 11:23 AM
On Remeron, my doc wants to put me on it so I'll get some sort of appetite back since AdderallXR has really taken a big chunk out of it. Still waiting for free samples--don't want to spend $ on something that's just going to either wig me out or zone me out....


01-13-04, 11:40 AM
I only knew about this drug from working with the elderly with Alzheimer's. I thought it was for ^ appetite and decreasing insomnia but I found out it is an antidepressant. I have seen it work wonders for those folks(for the appetite & sleep, not for the dimentia, sadly). If my son's appetite does not improve in a couple of weeks, our Pdoc would like to prescribe it for him. Has anyone heard of it being used in children? Son is 8 and pretty tiny.:confused:

01-16-04, 06:21 AM
I have heard about the increased apetite for carbs (especially sugar), but I have yet to experience it. Like all things with medications, it is probably hit or miss depending on the patient. However, this particular side-effect seems to be rather common...I suppose I'm in the minority.

PS- If you do end up taking this medication, you will be paid a visit by Mr. Sandman. And rather than sprinkle sand on your eyes, he will probably hit you over the head with a sandbag.

Good luck.

01-16-04, 06:23 AM
Sorry about the typing errors.....

01-20-04, 05:58 PM
I may have posted the above note a bit prematurely. I was eating rasberry jelly by the spoonfull earlier today. So put a 'check' next to increased appetite / carb. cravings.

BTW Flakey girl, I would be hesitant to put a child on this stuff. I am 5' 10", 150 lbs. and 15 mg just about clobbers me. I think you should seek a second opinion on that.

01-20-04, 06:05 PM
Will do, thanks!

01-20-04, 11:07 PM
My Dr. put me on WellbutrinSR (150 mg) to take in the morning (up from 100 mg). After a few days of no sleep, I went back to him and he gave me a sample of Remeron to use for insomnia as needed (30 mg). I tried it once and felt like I had a hangover the next day. Still not sleeping as well, but that's normal for a new med and I'm improving slowly. I felt so fuzzy on the Remeron that I just decided not to use it.

01-22-04, 12:21 PM
Wellbutrin and Remeron may interact, making the Remeron last longer, and probably act stronger too.
You might want to try 15mg next time you have insomnia?

01-22-04, 12:47 PM
Thanks Gregster -- It was actually 15mg that was prescribed, I just promptly forgot that until the next day! I guess the ADD alert for me is that I couldn't review the instructions as there are none on a sample box. I just took a whole pill.
Thanks for the info.

05-30-04, 12:51 AM
OK -

I've got a question about this - how similar is Remeron to Reminyl? I've been taking Galantamine (which, as it was explained to me, was a vitamin, NOT a drug) which I've heard is now being marketed as a prescription drug. One, I don't know if they're the same; two, I'm not sure how I feel about something that has been helping me as a vitamin being marketed as a prescription. I don't even really want to think about the ramifications of that. Of course, I could also be waaaaaay off about their being in any way similar (the galantamine doesn't make me feel sleepy at all).

Any thoughts?

05-30-04, 09:46 AM
I took Remeron for about 2 try to improve sleep. about a drug impact...Stoned is the understatement. I could not think, I felt like I was not myself, my emotions were totally inhibited and suppressed. I felt like an emotional mummy on Remeron and got off it fast.

I would not give this one to a child. I would not give this to anyone. I was angry the dr prescribed it to me.

05-30-04, 12:06 PM
"I've got a question about this - how similar is Remeron to Reminyl?"
Totally different drugs.
Remeron is a noradrenaline and selective serotonin reputake inhibitor.
I love it and find it has very few side effects, but I understand why some people have a hard time starting it. At the low initial 15mg dose, it makes you very sleepy. At larger doses, this is not as bad - larger doses make you less sleepy.
I guess it's like most psychotropic medications - love it if it works for you, hate it if it doesn't