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02-28-07, 12:12 PM
hi there, things just keep getting worse. ive been dealing with chronic pain for oveer two years now, degenerative disk disease,degenerative osteroarthritis,herniated disks,and siatica, the pain is getting unbearable. the other day my family doctor told me on top of everything thing else, i also have fibromyalgia.what can i expect as far as problems , or maybe im already experiencing them. where does the back, hip and leg pain end, and the fibromyalgia pain start? im very confused about everything. they keep finding all these things wrong with me, all i know is that im just a shadow of the person i used to be, and i dont like it. everything i do is just a struggle. i stay home most of the time, reheating a microwavable heat belt i wear around my waist. its hard to walk around, wait in doctors offices, drive or sit for long periods. there has to be something else i can do besides take more pain meds. i already take four 10/325 a day.i also take low dose ritalin, for add, and keep me motivated, and ativan at night to sleep.what else can i do? please any advice on this i would appreciate.

02-28-07, 12:43 PM
Several SSRI ant-depressants are now used to treat Fibro, and you may need a higher dosage of ritalin-the higher doses help me-the low doses are a waste of money-no effect on ADD either. Check out the other Fibro threads on the forum for more information.

Cymbalta is not mentioned here but is new and some find it very helpful. I didn't but that is me. Prozac, and several others work well too. You may only need low doses-start low end high is the psychiatrist's mantra in titrating the best dose for you.

I know it hurts to move and walk, I hated gym and hate exercising, but now walk 3-5 miles every other day-motivation? Yes-going to Australia this summer with 45 7-8th graders for 18 days. I am amazed at the difference in my pain. And I got a Tai Chi DVD-it makes a huge difference in my upper back and neck pain from degenerative arthritis and other problems.

I know how it feels, and I hated exercising-but it really does work. Start slowly and build up, even 1/4 mile is great to start. I would recommend a pair of very supportive and well-fitted shoes. That made walking a joy and not a pain. The $40 shoe store type are not supportive.

My walking shoes? Merrell's with an orthotic insert-I went to REI and they spent an hour fitting me so we found just the right shoe. Total: 85 for shoes, 45 for orthotic, pain reduction-priceless! I could wear them all the time. I am not a jock or exercise type at all!

03-01-07, 01:50 PM
The only pain treatment answer i have found is Manual Therapy by a Physiotherapist. (They have extra training and are often only privately covered by insurance.)

A lot of pain in Fibro (and Myofascial Pain Syndrome, it's frequent companion) -- comes from the various painful muscle's Trigger Points. ('Trigger Points' are not to be confused with the diagnostic term "tender points".)


A lot of it is from muscular weakness, which causes Spasms, too. For example, a Weak Gluteus Medius ("glute mede") will cause you terrible outer hip pain. --> Have someone watch you Stand on one leg, and you will actually see Hip Drop, (the other hip 'drops down', due to the other side's Glute Med weakness, etc. in maintaining support of the pelvis.

I really super-recommend learning to use weights, for strenghtening painful, weak and spasming muscles. The weakness often causes and increases the spasms.

Muscles also work in conjunction, too -->
For example: Erector Spinae (along spine; makes a pain between the shoulders along the spine) will be loose and spasm with weakness. Whereas the agonist (partner muscles; does the opposite action) -- Pectoralis muscles in the chest will be shortened, tight and hard, pulling the shoulders forward into a stooped shoulders posture.

In this case, you want to work on Stretching the Pectoralis and Strenghtening the Weak Erector Spinae. (If shoulder or upper back pain is an issue.)


I agree with VisualImagery about SSRIs, though. Even a short course on them will re-regulate your sleep architecture and patterns. It is found that Fibro people do not get enough Stage 3 and Stage 4 Sleep. This is the Deep Sleep where our muscles
repair themselves.

After taking a course of Prozac, my Stage 3 and Stage 4 are longer than normal. The Sleep Clinic Doctor was shocked. :D


Have you been taught that a TENNIS BALL is your Best Friend? It is one of the best things for Trigger Points !!!

05-01-07, 02:03 PM
The hard part of Fibromyalgia is that you don't know where it begins and where it ends. My initial symptom, pelvic pain that felt like labor contractions, was mysterious and could not be explained until my fibro developed to wide spread pain two after. Five years later I have every symptom under the sun. Right now my fatigue is unbearable and Ritalin is really helping with that. I recommend a book called "What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia" by Dr. St. Amand. It really helped me understand all those "other" symptoms that are fibromyalgia, like irritalbe bowel syndrome, urinary frequency, skin changes, ear/nose/throat issues. Most books just talk about tender points and aches (I wish it was just that). I don't necessarily buy into Dr. Amand's medication protocal (guaifenisin). I did it for a year and found no real results (that's just me). You might find that your pain has been interrelated or perhaps the trigger of the fibro. Good luck to you.

05-04-07, 04:10 AM
Do you have Endometriosis, SPMOM?

Labour pains? Holy moly. I think you MAY have something, in addition, to be checked out. Full-fledged Labour pains are not part of Fibro.

Pain like that deserves investigation.

Basically in ENDO, the uterine linings that we normally shed each month, start growing in other places in the abdomen. They can form a sort of "sticky Spiderweb", which can cause pain.

If left to grow for many years, it can cause fertility in women who childbear late in life. (Sounds like you have already had a child if you know what labour pains are like.)

Usually it:
- gets worse in a woman's 30s, and beyond
- menses is very bad (worsens with age).
- e.g. endometrial adhesions (scar tissue) can form on the bladder, bowels, ovaries, other internal organs, etc.)


1. Some *mild* GI symptoms with menses are "normal".
e.g. sometimes b4 my period i'll get a feeling that I'm gonna get diarrhea :S. This is caused by the hormonal 'shift', that causes this, and is normal. The most I do is take 1-2 Imodiums.

2. The proximity of the uterus to the colon (large bowel; where we get the "gotta go" sensation) means we can get bowel cramps that feel like menstrual cramps. They can make each other crampy feeling.

3. The bowel is one of the most innervated areas of the body. Stress hormones, particularly act on the GI system. This is why we feel sick or nauseated or crampy or get stomachaches under the influence of too much stress hormones or PMS hormones.

Exercise reduces excess PMS hormones effects and stress hormones effects. (Women who exercise have easier periods and easier menopause hormone transitions, for example.)

05-04-07, 04:07 PM
Oh, no, I do not have endometriosis (I wish it was because it would be easier to treat). But I do appreciate your concern. I don't know if you have fibromyalgia but it manifests itself in many different, quite bizarre, ways. I only get pelvic pain occasionally and it is a very specific kind of weakening pain that I have with my fibro. When it is in my hips or fingers it is at its worst.

Right now, my fatigue and fibrofog are overwhelming, which is why I am now trying stimulant treatment. This website and the input from others has been a God send for me.

05-17-07, 11:17 PM
2 yrs ago i was told i have lupus & fibromyalga, along with a blood issues from the lupus. I just wanted to let you know that i understand the pain ur talking abt.

Along with all of that going on i was depressed. then to find out i have the adhd and to be bi-polar to boot. and just now dealing or excepting all of this i am learning about my moods and so on ... :)

02-10-08, 12:47 AM
Yeah, me too...I was diagnosed 5 years ago and I've been in pain most of today with this storm coming in. Sharp stabbing pains.. in various parts of the body, including there. Even the itching has gotten worse with the fibro. Sleeping is at best, if not completely non existent quite often interupted due to pain or having to run to the bathroom. Although since stopping all meds I've slept better. I don't recommend that for everyone, but for me I had no other choice. The combination of meds was in my opinion killing me. I was flat in bed most days. Since stopping meds I can at least get up and do a few things.

I am seeing the OB-GYN in the 19th ... hopefully he will schedule a hysterectomy for me. But I'll still have the other pains. AT least that will be one less worry.

My mother in law has a flourescent lamp that helps her from being so depressed. I have also taken to bird watching out the window near the computer. I'm trying to get back into my writing again. Music is another of my favorite relaxation techniques. All of them help relieve the tension of every day stress for me.

One thing I've found is that even though it's painful ....walking. Also, some light excercises from your chair or on your bed to keep muscles from deteriorating. The tennis ball is another thing for your hands and some ankle weights and even some for the wrists while you're stretching, etc. Deep breathing excercises also help for relaxation.