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02-28-07, 01:40 PM
Zoloft leaves me agitated/irritable. I am wondering if there are any medications that are made for agiation or irritability. On a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of severity of this side effect, I have to give it a 5 because it can be bad at times but not really really bad. I really can't describe how it feels because all I know is that it just happens...

edit: I found a list of questions on MedlinePlus's website that I will answer to maybe help tap into the agitation that I experience:

To help better understand your agitation, your doctor may ask the following:


Is the patient more talkative than usual or is there a feeling of pressure to keep talking? No
Does the patient show increased purposeless activity (e.g., pacing, hand wringing)? I do this even when un-agitated
Is the patient extremely restless? Again, this way by nature
Is the patient trembling or twitching ( No

Time pattern

Was the agitation a short episode? Usually is.
Is the agitation persistent? Not most of the time

How long did it persist -- for how many day(s)? Less than one day. Most of the time brief.

Aggravating factors

Does the agitation seem to be triggered by reminders of a traumatic event ( No
Did you notice anything else that may have triggered agitation? I'm always find it when I'm being spoken to. It's never a loud voice or mad or angry voice, but most of the time a quiet and gental voice and then I just start yelling and screaming.
Does the patient take any medications, in particular, steroids or thyroid medicine? Zoloft 100mg. I think part of it is the zoloft and part is just how I am.
How much alcohol does the patient drink? 0
How much caffeine does the patient drink? 0
Does the patient use any drugs, in particular, cocaine, narcotics, or amphetamines (speed)? Only Zoloft, Risperdal and Lunesta.


What other symptoms are also present? So far, just the agitation.
Is there confusion, memory loss, hyperactivity, or hostility (these symptoms may play an important role in diagnosis). It's only yelling but after it's over and a while has past, I forget all about what has happened. I don't forget where, when, just what about and why...<BR>

Hope this helps...

03-01-07, 09:20 AM
When my son took Wellbutrin he was very angry. I do not know if that was him or the meds. I kind of think it was him. The doc switched him to Prozac and he is doing very well. He is 14 and also takes Adderal, Dex, and Clonidine.

03-02-07, 09:05 AM
I really don't want to switch to prozac because the zoloft works for my panic attacks.

03-06-07, 12:42 AM
When my son took Wellbutrin he was very angry. I do not know if that was him or the meds. I kind of think it was him. The doc switched him to Prozac and he is doing very well. He is 14 and also takes Adderal, Dex, and Clonidine.I took WBXL twice (once in 00' & again very recently but stopped after 7 days)! WBXL gave me more side-effects (both times) than most of the drugs I've ever taken put together! Some major side-effects (for me) were confusion, irritability and anger coming out of no where? This was in the initial 150mg dose phase too? I will say that WB does work for many people but everyone IS VERY different in their chemical make-up. So, one has to be extra 'careful' and 'pay attention' to any major side-effects or changes in behavior! Also, WB can induce ANXIETY in many people which is no fun (espescially if you already have anxiety issues)!

IMHO, your son got angry from being on Wellbutrin! I'm a very laid-back easy-going person and experienced LOTS of unprovoked irritability, anxiety, confusion, anger, aggressiveness and got tongue-tied on many occasions in mid sentence. My family wanted me off it ASAP (which I did)! I wanted to share my 'experience' with WBXL so anyone taking Wellbutrin IR, SR or XL may be better informed and understand that they are not the only ones experiencing these NASTY side-effects. I've heard that these side-effects can come and go after several months and even get WORSE! I've also heard of people getting little to no side-effects?

I'm glad your son is doing well now! What does the clonidine do for him?

Again, just 'my' experience! Take care.

03-06-07, 02:15 PM
Though I'm making a guess, with both me and my bro, clonidine was used to calm us down to help us focus but my brother gained weight on it and I get very tired during the day even though I only take it at night...

03-06-07, 03:00 PM
To add on to my last post (since I can't edit that one at this point), I'm never going back to the benzodiazapines and anxiolitics to treat this because of the negative experience I had when I stopped taking the atavan even under my docs supervision...