View Full Version : ABILIFY: Started .25mg 'off label' for ADD March 5th.

03-05-07, 04:20 PM
Day 1

I've was on ABILIFY about 6 weeks ago but it was too strong at 2-5 mgs/day). I had to order the 'solution form' (lowest pill dose is 2mg) yesterday and picked it up today (already took my 1st .25mg dose).

I will keep a 'log' for any and all information reguarding my experience this time around...I was pleased with ABILIFY's results in 'many' area's except the inner-restlessness! So, I'm hoping that was dose related? (1st try: I started on the 2mg tabs and titrated up to the 5mg dose but after two weeks I started to taper (1mg) and stopped due to that one side-effect).

Take care...

03-07-07, 12:40 AM
Night 2 (11:40 pm)

Not much to report so far...

However, just like last time I took ABILIFY, I felt subtle side-effects at first. Its amazing how sensitive I am too this stuff (I've felt some very mild side-effects, a little yawning and mild headache on and off).

Last time taking ABILIFY, I started feeling its benifiets after 4-7 days. Since it has a 75-145 hr half-life (pharmacist said it takes 4-5 weeks to clear), I think it may have still been in my system (at very a low dose) when I started it yesterday morning because I've noticed a bit more energy and a mild mood lift :)

Well, Off to bed.
Take care...

03-08-07, 01:39 AM
Night (3 12:40 am)

Today was fairly uneventful reguarding ABILFY (at .25mgs) but I remain hopeful!

I think I felt more calm today (still may be recovering from WBXL (stopped almost 6 days ago)).

Thats about it for today, take care.

Off to bed.

03-09-07, 12:10 AM
Night 4

Today was much like yesterday except I am having some minor headaches come and go.

I hope it starts working with mood and energy pretty soon but I'm at such a low dose it may take a while? Staying hopeful!

If not, I'll go up to .5mg/day next week.

Take care...

03-09-07, 03:29 PM
Update: (day 5)

Compared to last time I took ABILIFY (2mg-5mgs) this time I'm just not getting 'anything' from it at .25mg? So, we've decided to up my dose to .5mg/day (so far in the mornings).

However, I feel it might be helpful to take it once in the morning and at night (.25 & .25)? But, it dose have a very long half-life (94-146hrs.) so, once a day should be fine...Only time will tell!

Any input would be great...Take care.

Anyone take ABILIFY in these low doses?
If so, do you split the doses up?

03-09-07, 03:45 PM
Did I miss something?

What is the indication?


03-09-07, 04:01 PM
namaste' is taking it for ADD and "mood lift" (according to her thread title and first post.)<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_394723", true); ***********

03-09-07, 04:35 PM
Thanks, netsavy006

The reason I was asking is that it seems as if ABILIFY is some serious stuff generally indicated for Bipolar I and Schizophrenia It is an antipsychotic.

I had a bad experience lately involving my treatment. Before "discovering" the ADD, I was being treated for "situational" depression as a result of an abusive relationship. Even after we addressed the likely presence of ADD, she kept piling my meds & giving me others when I had problems with the additions rather than subtracting. She INSISTED on treating me for bipolarII first with Lamictal (nightmare), then offered LITHIUM!!!! This, after I & my husband told her I was NOT bipolar!!! My friends & family agreed (a good friend is a neurologist). She outright refused to treat me with stimulant meds, stating that they are "often misused by patients to lose weight & they have street value". And all this at Johns Hopkins!!!

Needless to say, I have a new Dr. She is weening me off the extras which is easing my agitation. We MAY use ADD meds.

This was very scary for me & to hear that some one is on an atypical antipsychotic, generally indicated for Bipolar I and Schizophrenia, for ADD & mood lift. I can't help but be concerned.



03-09-07, 06:44 PM
Hey Buttercup,

I agree, ABILIFY is not labeled for ADD/ADHD but is used "off label" occasionally for ADHD. I was wondering the same thing when I was given the option of taking it? My pDr. wants to make sure he figures out what if anything else is going on with my "WIRING" so to speak before heading into the typical ADD class/meds..

He did give a dx of ADD and I tried other meds like Invega, Wellbutrin XL (horrible for me) and Abilify was the first med. about 7 weeks ago but it gave me serious inner-restlessness (wanting to jump out of my skin feeling) at 2-5 mg. range and had to stop it.

BUT...It also gave me some good benifiets as well (mood lift, sensory intergration and some good energy) but just TOO MUCH ENERGY!

So, I'm trying it again at .50mg/day to see if it was just dose dependent? I'm concerned however, about the lack of ADD meds being offered at this point?

My PCP is more than willing to help me in that area but I want to stick with my pDr. advice but....I'm not sure he is willing to go that route? But, my PCP gave me a rx for PROVIGIL but I haven't cleared that with my Pdr. yet...So, we'll see what he says?

Take care...

03-09-07, 10:14 PM
Hope the .5mg of Abilify works for you without the side effects. Best of Luck...


03-10-07, 01:29 PM
Thanks Andy...

Day 6

I'm beginning to think I may need at least 1mg of ABILIFY to get any real response?

Hopefully, like last time, it will start working on day 7 (tomorrow)??? Only time and dose will tell I guess?

I feel like my nights are getting better (more clear-headed and maybe a bit more energy)? However, I don't have the zip to get up and go like before but I need to be patient:)

Take care...

03-10-07, 11:59 PM
I agree, ABILIFY is not labeled for ADD/ADHD but is used "off label" occasionally for ADHD. I was wondering the same thing when I was given the option of taking it? My pDr. wants to make sure he figures out what if anything else is going on with my "WIRING" so to speak before heading into the typical ADD class/meds..Granted I am not a professional, but I think that an antipsychotic is a peculiar & extreme way to check your "wiring". Invega is also an antipsychotic.

So, when you were taking these other meds, were they alone or together? Has your pDr, or PCP for that matter, determined whether or not any comorbitities exist.

I have a good friend who is a neurologist (with ADD. We seem to flock don't we?). I will get her opinion on this.

I REALLY think that you should get a 2nd opinion. Please.

I'm concerned about you.:(

Be well!!!!


03-11-07, 01:19 AM
OK Buttercup I will admit that I think it is about the weirdest off-label usage I have seen to date. I cannot fathom how its supposed to help with ADHD. I take the stuff myself and its sedating :confused: I don't have any clue how this medication is going create any clarity at all when 5mgs 3 times a day is what I use to prevent bipolar agitation.

But everybody is different. I can verify that on the days I don't take my stimulants Abilify does exactly Jack for my ADHD but perhaps the OP will have luck.

Good luck with that by the way....

03-11-07, 01:27 AM
I'm glad you are noticing my pdr.s approach to meds. I have been 'given a 'dx' of inattentive ADD along with a good bit of anxiety which may or may not stem from ADD (kinda the chicken or the egg deal right now I guess)?

I have gotten a second opinion from my PCP I've known for almost 2 years and he stated that he agrees that I do have anxiety and ADD and I also asked him about being bi-polor and he said NO WAY! I agree. I don't ever go through what people describe as "cycling between up and down". I never have. So, I am struck by the fact that my PCP is willing to help me with stimulants and my current PDr. is not?

My PCP is an older a bit older than my current pDr. and has seen it all with reguards to ADD/ADHD. He seems more flexible and willing to work with me in general with meds.

I tried Abilify 1st, Invega shortly after. Then before going back to Abilify again, I was put on Wellbutrin XL 150mg and gave it a good run but it induced some nasty side-effects and I couldn't wait to stop! I told this PDr. I had tried WB in the past for anxiety and it just made things worse but he chose it over Strattera (knowing that I had a bad reaction to it in the past)? One has to wonder if I'm getting the run-around here? Now, he doesn't even want to try Strattera because of my reaction to WB? There has to be some method to his choices of meds but I'm getting a bit confused? I went to this PDr. because he is very good at diagnosing ADD/ADHD and treating it. It took me 2+ months to get this Dr. to see me too.

I could have just stayed with my PCP but I had to move. If stimulants can be "life changing" as they are for many ADDer's then I may have to find another Pdr or go back to my PCP that knows me best?

Sorry for the ranting, but I think its helped me understand what I may need to do in the near future?

Thanks a bunch for your reply and concern! It means alot...Take care and let me know what you think of my rant lol...

03-11-07, 01:47 AM
OK Buttercup I will admit that I think it is about the weirdest off-label usage I have seen to date. I cannot fathom how its supposed to help with ADHD. I take the stuff myself and its sedating :confused: I don't have any clue how this medication is going create any clarity at all when 5mgs 3 times a day is what I use to prevent bipolar agitation.

But everybody is different. I can verify that on the days I don't take my stimulants Abilify does exactly Jack for my ADHD but perhaps the OP will have luck.

Good luck with that by the way....

Hey Crazy~feet...Night 6

Its funny you mention agitation for bipolor because I feel more agitation (not much but more) with this LOW dose of ABILIFY? Also, some Dysphoria at times? I want to give it a shot by titrating up but I just don't feel anything so far (I know its early but before @2 mg I noticed a good mood lift and a nice energy boost at day 7) but I got too restless and had to stop so even at 1/4 of my last dose I should get something since I seem to be sensitive to ABILIFY? I don't know? Well, thanks for the replies and information...Take care.

03-11-07, 01:25 PM
I agreed with your rant. Stimulants were a life-changing experience for me.

03-11-07, 02:20 PM
I apperciate you reading my rant!
One thing I forgot to mention about this Pdr. is that he/she rx's many stimulants (has told me so) and gets hasseled by certain people because of all the Stimulants Rx'd? I was told in a nutshell that even though a stimulant 'COULD BE LIFE-CHANGING FOR ME' that its not 'WORTH THE EFFORT' to rx me a stimulant?

The thing is, this PDr. is an open-minded, smart, easy going person and in the beginning talked about starting at the bottom and would progress to a stimulant for my type of ADD.

However, now, after a good amount of $$$$$$ and time I'm left with ABILIFY for ADD? It just doesn't make sense the more I think about it? My last choices were Lamitcal or Serequel (sp?, which I've taken for sleep before and didn't do much of anything).
I know Lamictal CAN be very good for some and maybe the one for me but it takes a good while to work (if it does) and wouldn't be best to TRY A STIMULANT for a day or two and see if it helps or IS LIFE CHANGING? If its not then we can address the fact that there may be something else going on (right?). If its all about a med. being sceduled then I'm wasting lots of time and money! My PCP has never had a problem with working with me?

I'm sorry!...I'm venting/ranting again! I just don't have time to waste (who does?).

Anyway, take care all.

03-12-07, 12:37 AM
Night 7 (.5mgs)

Today was pretty much the same as all the others except for I felt some side effects more than usual? Part of me wants to go up another .25mg but I should probably wait to see if I'm going to try the Provigil first?

Oh, one big thing I noticed 2x today was after eating I felt pretty good and relaxed? I feel asleep for no reason for the 1st time in a long time (during the day)? I'm usually not paying attention but napping out of nowhere was very unexpected (nice suprise but should that subside)?

Thanks and take care...

03-12-07, 01:48 PM
Day 8

I'm curious if I should be feeling so tired? I don't have much energy like the last time I was on Abilify. Since my dose is only .5mg/day, I wonder if I'm in some kinda grey area here? Maybe I should talk with my Dr. about titrating up some? I don't know if this stuff is doing anything at all for my ADD and that is troubling. I think the only thing its doing so far is helping with agitation (sometimes)? I kinda feel like my threshold for irritablity is higher or I'm just not as ALERT as before? Hard to tell:confused:

I guess "blah" whould be a good way to describe how I'm feeling. Btw, I'm sleeping really well:faint:

03-12-07, 02:15 PM
Just curious ... have you had bad reactions to stimulants in the past (sorry if I missed itin one of your posts ... I do have ADHD, after all)?

My son is diagnosed ADHD/ODD, but had a terrible reaction (rages, emotional lability) to both Adderall and Dex, so his pdoc started him on Abilify (2 mg to start, he's up to 10 now, which seems the correct dosage). While it hasn't helped his hyperactivity much, it has certainly had very positive effects on his impulsivity and ability to cope with frustration. His focus seems somewhat improved, as well.

I guess my first thought in your situation would be "why not traditional ADHD meds?" And the second "why such a very, very low dose?" It would seem to me that if a 7 year old (probably not BiPolar) child was started on 2 mg/day, an adult would start at a similar, if not higher, dosage and, if necessary, titrate up from there.

Good luck,

03-12-07, 05:47 PM
Mom23, I have tried a stimulant back in college (Adderall 30mg IR and 30mg XR). However, it was just for a couple of tests. I haven't mentioned it to my Pdr yet because I think he just doesn't want to go down that route (has said it wouldn't be the best idea?). Either way, that was 10+ years ago and I knew I had ADD I just didn't have insurance at the time. However, Adderall worked wonders for my concentration, focus and just made me feel at ease during social interactions (I've got social anxiety as well).

As to your main question, I thought the same thing at first and still do! My Pdr. wanted to start with AP's first to see what direction to start off in (how he explained it to me)? I tried Abilify 1st, Invega 2nd then, Wellbutrin XL (horrible side-effects) and now I'm back to Abilify in low doses because I was super sensitive to the 2-5mg range (akathesia or that wanting to jump out of your skin feeling). So the Pdr doesn't want me to start Strattera now either because of my reaction to WBXL? I don't know how much of my posts you've read but I saw my PCP last week and he wrote me a script for Provigil after I explained what was going on with my Pdr.

My PCP has 'always' agreed that I have ADD with anxiety and always works with me with meds but I've left the ADD stuff up to the PDr. so everyone is on the same page (if that makes sense?). However, being so sensitive to Abilify I'm left to wonder what is going on? I'm gonna talk to my Pdr. about the rx for Provigil and see what he thinks? Its strange because I don't want my PDr. to think I'm looking around for other meds when my PCP just wrote it for me and I could have filled it but I haven't. I truly think that my current Pdr. is concerned either with the way I responded to WB and thinks a stimulant will have some of the same effects or its too much trouble in rxing me a stimulant (my Pdr. said in so many words that yeah it could be life changing trying a stimulant but its alot of trouble)! I sat there I mentioned trying one for a day or two and he said may want to find another Dr. if you want to go that route?

Well, thats it in a nutshell! Thank you for posting and if you have any advice for me on getting through this it would be greatly appreciated!

Do you think Provigil would be a good place to start (PCP thinks so)?
Anyway, take care...

03-12-07, 11:46 PM
I called my Pdr. today (early) and was told I would recieve a call later today. Well, I did not get a call from the Dr.?

Now, this is not the first time this has happened...In the short time I've seen this Dr., I've called early in the day (not expecting to talk to the Dr of course) so I can get a call back later. I'm paying GOOD MONEY for my sessions and if I have a question about titrating a medication or adverse side-effects, shouldn't I get a call back??? To me it seems rude and very un-professional.

I don't know whats going on? Am I being put on the back burner?

All this is new to me (Pdr's) and I feel like I need to look elsewhere for help but I'm not too sure?

03-13-07, 03:59 PM
Day 9 (.5mg)

Well, not much in the way of progress yet. In fact, this morning and this afternoon I think I'm starting to feel a bit restless :eek: (mainly in my legs).

I hope this doesn't get any worse because it happened the 1st time and I had to stop taking Abilify (Akathesia). I'm a patient person but it seems like everything I've been put on so far I can't tolerate (AP's)? Wrong medication class maybe???

I'm not giving up yet concidering I spent $55.00 on 15mg of Abilify!

03-15-07, 01:16 PM
Day 10 (yesterday)

I had an ok day but fell into a bad mood later in the day (about 7pm)? I don't know why but I did have a low-grade headache most of the day yesterday (annoying). I just didn't have the patience I normally do...

I think the Abilify is reaching steady-state levels.

03-15-07, 01:32 PM
Day 11 (.75mg)

I have decided to titrate up to .75mg from .5mg to see if I can get any benifiets like I had before at the 1-2.5mg range.

It seems like I can feel some of the benifiets of Abilify in the mornings (very 'mild' mood lift and a 'tad' bit more energy).

However, I also feel pretty sedated at times (falling asleep watching TV) and a bit spacey at times.

03-16-07, 12:51 PM
Day 12 (.75mg)

This morning I woke up feeling pretty decent...Not much different than yesterday but I did raise my dose.

The main thing I've noticed today is a little more energy but it kind of resembles that restlessness I had last time on ABILIFY...BUT...I'll have to give it more time and see.

No real side-effects to report except after 3 hours (when it storts to kick in) I get blurry vision.
Also, I still get pretty sleepy if I sit and watch TV but ok if I stay busy :confused:

Anyone reading this on Abilify and have this side-effect?
Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Take care.

03-16-07, 08:45 PM
Update (day 12)

I forgot to mention these headaches I've been getting! They're like migranes ACK :mad: I've noticed they come on later in the day (~5-6pm) and make me irritable and I have noticed my mood going from good to well, agitated :eek:

Do I need to dose 2x a day or what? I guess I need to call the Doc on this one?
My usual advil doesn't work like it used to. Again, I'm on .75mg of Abilify and the 1st time on Abilify I had headaches but they would go away after a couple of hrs. Almost everynight I switch to this agitated state :confused:

Does anyone have any information about MIGRANES and Abilify?

Thanks for any input in advance!

03-17-07, 07:51 AM
I think about you every time I take my own Abilify for agitation, Namaste. I am of the opinion that a doctor who treats ADHD ought to understand that stimulants are generally the first choice medications to try, or at least start with the known non-stimulants such as Wellbutrin or Strattera. I hate to say it but your doctor sounds like he/she is experimenting on you with off-label usage not in your best interest :(.

I have been in the mental health game for quite a long time and you are are paying them, they work for YOU. If I were in your shoes, I would be marching my happy behind into that office as soon as the next appointment would allow and demanding (nicely but firmly) to know why you are being treated off-label like this, and why exactly this doctor *cough* is so vehemently against RXing stimulants. I would also be shopping for another doctor!

This stuff just makes me so mad sometimes. Sorry to rant in your thread :) but maybe your doctor and mine ought to go out for a drink or coffee together. My doctor would die laughing at the idea of Abilify for ADHD (he has ADHD himself and you bet your butt he takes a stimulant!) and your doctor would probably crack up at my doc's refusal to RX benzos to a patient known to respond very well to them who has proven that they are responsible enough to use them properly and sparingly. Maybe they would find a way to change their stubborn minds amidst the laughter!

03-18-07, 12:36 AM
Day 13

I haven't noticed anything different in the last 24 hours except that low-grade migrane and irritability/agitation. As I think about ABILIFY and the side-effects, I realize I'm not getting any real benifiets?

Last time was much different in that I had plenty of energy and a good mood effect (at 1-2.5mg)? I don't have that at .75mgs a day and if I go up I may get restless again?

I agree with you Crazy~Feet. I need to address this issue once and for all and figure out what is going on here :confused: Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it very much!

Take care :)

03-18-07, 06:30 PM
14 days

I was told to wait 14 days to up my dose to 1mg and today I did. I think today went a little smoother but its hard to tell? I felt pretty decent today but no real mood lift or any help with my ADD by any means!

Maybe a 'tad' bit more energy to get me through the day?

Crazy~Feet: Our Dr.s should go out bowling and have a nice laugh huh? I'd pay good money to see it...(wait, I can't afford it) haha

03-20-07, 12:08 AM
Day 15 (1mg)

Well, if I can titrate to 1.5-2mg without getting akathisia (restless) I might be able to 'feel' MORE benifiets and less side-effects? People I interact with on a daily basis have mentioned that I seem to be in a better mood this lately.

I think starting out on 2mg tablets and going up to 5mg in *1* week got me restless (just got too much too soon maybe). I was 'curious' about going up so 'fast' but I folled my Dr.s instructions? I remain hopeful but this med. is 'NOT' for ADD its an 'AP' and sedating? So, there must be some other med throw in the mix to help with inattentiveness?

Any input would be appreciated!
Take care :)

03-21-07, 12:53 AM
Day 16

Since I've not been responding to ABILIFY at these low doses I went up .5mg. I'll have to wait about 2-3 days to see what if any changes take place but I think I feel a bit more motivated today? Its so subtle and hard to tell but maybe? I'm not restless so far and thats good but I have to weigh everything out and see if something else can be added like Provigil since it tiptoes around Dopamine and bypasses the CNS but it promates wakefullness and helps with focus. I know people that have tried it and felt like they were motivated and wanted to get lots of work done :) I've also heard its not the type of med that kicks in and out. Meaning its more subtle and lasts a good while.

03-21-07, 11:01 PM
Day 17

One thing I'm noticing is a better mood upon waking but it wears off after a couple of hours? Also, I feel less fatigued than normal but am missing the mood benifiets for some reason? Its all very subtle and smooth but I really liked the mood lift I had before. However, I was up to 5 mgs a day compared to 1.5mgs a day (now). I may not be able to get up high enough for the mood lift without becoming restless again? I'm just not sure about this medication and this is the second go around? Hmm???

03-22-07, 10:16 AM
I "lost" your post for a while. Not to mention I started a new med & had my head up my *** for a few weeks.

I think about you namaste & I want to make sure everything is going well for you. I can't help but continue to be concerned.

I will be seeing my pDr this Monday & I plan on asking her opinion.

I understand that you have a second opinion from you GP, but perhaps you can find a ADHD specialist that can give an ADHD experienced opinion. All I found online were reports about concerns involving an alarming increase of prescriptions for Antipsychotics for poor children in Tenn. with no studies on its effectiveness or safety.

There are health risks involved that are not present in indicated ADD meds such as Metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that increase the risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

I'm sorry if I am being an alarmist, but better safe than sorry.


03-22-07, 10:41 AM
That's funny Buttercup...I see my doc on the 26th and also plan to ask him about this same offlabel usage. I just find it...odd? I take Abilify myself, of course not for ADHD and I swear I would have noticed some kind of improvements in my own symptoms by now if there were any to be had, but then again everybody is different.

I am mainly concerned that this doctor seems to be so resistant to RXing stimulants, or even the non-stimulants known for helping ADHD symptoms. To start so far offlabel seems a bit strange to me.

03-22-07, 11:10 AM
Thanks Crazy,

The last 8 months of my life were crazy, exhasting & SCARY! It has left me hurt, & angry. I don't want his to happen to anyone else. Even if I can help a little it will help in getting away from my anger.

We put our trust in these professionals in whom we rely to put our best interests at heart & some of them don't listen!

Thanks for supporting my position! It means a lot!!!


03-22-07, 11:24 AM
You are both right and I appreciate the support. The Abilify does nothing for my ADD symptoms? It really doesn't do anything except give me a tad bit more energy but its more of a feeling or need to get moving (maybe motivating but feels different).

Any suggestions for my session today (shortly too) HELP!
Thanks for any input or advice!

03-23-07, 12:27 AM
Day 18 (1.5mg)

Today I woke up feeling good I have to admit! I don't know if I'm still adusting (must be) but it sure seems like today was a good day. Seems like the first day since the first time I tried it before that I felt like I was in a good mood all day (like the anti-d effects are kicking in)? Maybe becasue I've taken it so slow this time in titrating? I will stay at 1.5mg for at leat 10-14 days and go from there if things are going well still. (sesnory issues are better too) :D

Thanks for any input or advice in advance!

03-23-07, 12:58 PM
How did the session go Namaste? Thought of you today :)

03-25-07, 12:32 AM
Day 20 (1.5mg)

Well as far as the Abilify goes, its helping me very little and not with ADD. I asked the Dr. why all the off-label meds and he said because they are indicated for other issues. I found out that since I take alprazolam that he is very worried about giving me an rx for another controlled substance? I then said, well why am I here spending $$$$$$ if I can't be treated for the dx you gave me? In a nutshell, he finally agreed to give me a 14 day free trial of Provigil to see if it helps with the ADD. In short, he said that the DEA would be knocking on his door (which they have in the past alot) asking questions and maybe wanting to talk to me?!?!?!?!? WHAT? I've been taking alprazolam for almost 8 years and never had any MD have a problem giving me more than 3 or more controls at once (even 4)? It may be because I live in KY and they say that everything is much more restricted here but it still doesn't make sense to me? Why not be honest with me instead of prolonging my treatment and misleading me into thinking I will get the correct treatment?
Btw, thank you for thinking of me :)

I would really appreciate it if you would bring this situation up with your Dr. and let me know what he/she says!
Thanks so much for your support!

03-28-07, 12:33 AM
3.5 weeks on Abilify (1.5mgs)

I feel I'm getting the most out of the small dose I'm on so I may increase (with Dr.s approval) to 2mgs/day. I don't have any side-effects with Abilify anymore so thats a plus. I do wake up earlier than usual (which I like) and feel pretty good in the a.m. but it fades as the day goes on (probably linked to the minute dose I'm on)?

Take care everyone...

06-15-07, 05:05 PM
3.5 months on Abilify (1.75mg's/day).

I took generic Adderall IR for ~ 30 days and then switched to Adderall XR (10mg capsules x3 am) along with a 10mg IR booster (pm) 12 days ago. When I first started Adderall XR I thought it was better giving me longer coverage with less peaks and valleys plus more focus and concentration. However, when my free trial ran out, my Pdoc gave me an 'rx' for Adderall XR #30 30mg capsules and told me to keep taking the 10 mg booster.

This is my 3rd day on XR 30's and I can't figure out why they feel so much different than the XR 10x3 (30mg's)? They release much slower and any decent focus I do get comes in spurts and then is gone in 6-7 hours tops! The 30mg capsules feel very weak and just don't cut it! Maybe my body is eliminating the XR too fast...ugh :confused:

I've also been reading about ABILIFY and how it can affect the d-amphetamine in Adderall. Can 1.75mg's/day of Abilify alter Adderall's effects at 40-45mg's/day? I take ABILIFY right before bed and my first release of XR is always very weak (2nd one too) but later when I take my IR booster I feel many of "good effects" that I've been missing on XR. This is frustrating because I need to be focused in the daytime more than later in the day. I'm thinking of switching to Adderall IR (Brand) and dumping the XR and the Abilify. I don't even know why I'm on 1.75mg's of Abilify? I was told it was being used off-label for mood stabilization but everyone I know has said you don't need a mood stabilizer? Plus, it's an AP not a mood stabilizer!

Does anyone have any thoughts or idea's on this?

Thanks for any and all input!