View Full Version : Sloppy Joes (veg; TVP)

03-08-07, 06:28 PM
My partner hates to cook or eat in; only makes pasta and jarred sauce.

However he did eat these Spicy Sloppy Joes from TVP. (TVP is way low fat vs. meat.) It was on the Vegetarian Times website (recipe is online).

He ate the whole pot! *smirk*

Substitutions (based on what i had in my kitchen):

BBQ sauce instead of 'chili sauce'
OJ or AJ instead of 'Beer'.
Chilis from an Old El Paso jar vs fresh.

Just add boiling water to the TVP granules and let sit for 5-10, then treat it as you would ground beef (e.g. stir fry it with spices and onions, garlic, tomato flovors, etc. It picks them up.)

If it is any REASSURANCE, Taco Bell uses dehydrated meat for its tacos, i understand. And most Butchers use about 50/50 TVP or Soy in their SAUSAGES. (So you are eating it already.)

RECIPE: ---> (