View Full Version : Well BPDII certainly runs in my family!

03-15-07, 04:23 PM
We can now add the 4th family member that we know of to the list.
(my dad, my niece, ME!!! )

And 15 year old son.

After my initial dx this last year....I started watching him closer.
Keenan and I are very similiar in behaviors, except he is a little more busy and aggressive since he's a boy. And although we have had him on ADD meds, and some anxiety meds...nothing ever seemed to completely work for him to get him balanced out. So I have tracked his behavior ever since. He has gotten increasingly worse....and stopped taking all his meds...the stims had started to really aggitate him more, and he refused to take his Risperdal...therefore he never sleeps , or sleeps all the time! WARNING WARNING ....bells went off.

So we after a really long 2 weeks...of no sleep...missing school and episodes of cutting himself, and fits of anger....we got an appointment. Talked to the doctor together and seperate...and wala...he's just like dear old mom!

So he starts on the Lamictal starter pack just like me...25mg up to 100mg in about a month or so....and he has started him on Seroquel 100mg at night to knock him out! This kid has been going non stop for days...then crashing and burning for an entire day....

I am glad I found out I had BPD, even though I missed out on a lot not getting the dx until Iwas older, it has helped me possibly save my son from years of not being able to function to his fullest capacity. He is actually excited about this???? Just because he said I am so tired of all the mood swings mom.
ANd I am tired of not sleeping and then not being to go to school because no one can wake me up...or when I do, I just sleep through classes.

Unfortuantely, it took me getting a late dx, and Keenan being on his 2nd round of probation ...for missing school and being Unruly...until we could get the dx and finally start trying to get is resolved. I have renewed hope that maybe now...he can have a fair shot at a decent life. Maybe shaving years of the dx time, might save him some of the hardships I faced being undx for so long. who knows...the meds are not 100 fix...but for BPD they sure can offer a better quality of life.

I have encouraged him to come here again, he is registered, but only been on once or twice. I told him the teen section will be helpful...I hope he will,..gosh then there will be 4 of us on here...:eek:
My sister and 2 of our afraid very very afraid :D

So I will keep you guys up to date....The journey just begins for us. One day at a time, one step at a time.

03-15-07, 09:14 PM
We can now add the 4th family member that we know of to the list. (my dad, my niece, ME!!! ) And 15 year old son.

My sister and 2 of our afraid very very afraid :D
Sorry, you can't scare me, Hope! :D

I also think my 20 year old daughter and possibly my niece may have BP II. I think my brother, who is deceased also had it. I am glad to get my own diagnosis because I can help my daughter. She is having a lot of problems with sleep as well. Especially now in college where she is not on a regular schedule. And her boyfriend works nights and sleeps days. She is way out of whack at this point.

I have an appt for her on the 22nd with a neuropsychologist. I hope we can get it sorted out as well.

I hope he has a good result on the Lamictal!

I'll be thinking of you - all!

03-15-07, 11:42 PM
Glad most of you here don't scare easily :p

Well he started his meds tonight...and was OUT LIKE A LIGHT! :D

So just another adventure in my already boring life ;)

HOpe it goes well for you all too!

Thanks for always being there Jeanie...seems we are on this ride together now huh?

03-16-07, 09:59 AM
. . . seems we are on this ride together now huh?. .
Not exactly Thelma and Louise, but we're aiming away from the canyon, right! HeHe :D :D

03-16-07, 11:21 AM
Not exactly Thelma and Louise, but we're aiming away from the canyon, right! HeHe :D :D

Well I am now that the meds are working...tee hee hee....

03-18-07, 06:33 AM
Speaking of Canyons...I want to throw myself from one...or my child..if the meds don't start working ....NOW...

He is off his treat the BPDII first...much like his mom...
but his ADD like behavior was much worse than mine...we were both dianosed backwards....Needing the BPD first...then the ADD....because being off the Stims is driving me crazy....And I have 4 more days on the lowest dosage wiht him..before we move to the 50mg's that started making me feel more leveled out.....OMG....

I can't get a Seroquel in him to save my time..that's it...
If I could crush it and put it in some icecream I would...he won't shut up...he won't go to bed....and neither can I for that matter....

After a 10 year olds birthday party....with 7 kids 11 and younger....and 3 teenagers....believe me I am overriding the meds he is up ...after sleeping for about 5 hours....(after being up the night before)
And now he is at it again....HELP.....
My life for a quiet house......


03-27-07, 12:01 AM
wow i didn't knwo that keenana had bi polar.. iam sorry... i could have guessed it..