View Full Version : Looking for an MD in DC or the 'burbs

03-19-07, 10:50 AM
I'm a very excited person because I will have health insurance again beginning 4/1 and I will get to start meds again!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a doctor in the area? It does have to be an MD who is able (and willing!) to prescribe meds. I had a fantastic psychiatrist while I was in school but won't be able to see her anymore now that I'm out of school, so I'm in search of a new doc.


05-21-07, 03:29 PM
I goto this practice. Great experience


05-26-07, 10:02 AM
Thank you! Looks like they take my insurance too.

05-31-07, 03:12 AM
In case your first choice here doesn't work out, if you need a doctor ONLY for prescriptions, a good one to go to is Dr. Joseph Hochheiser. He's about 2 blocks from the Friendship Heights Metro stop. His office is in the Irene hotel. He's a great doctor to go to if you know what you need and just can't get into the bigger hospitals to get your prescriptions filled or phoned. I don't know about his situation with insurance, but he's a really nice guy and has been very reliable and helpful with me getting my prescriptions. His office number is 301-657-2200. That'll go directly to voicemail but he usually calls back within the hour. :) One thing is that he does like to be paid in a timely manner... but then, doesn't everyone? :P