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03-19-07, 12:05 PM
I am a Customer Service Manager at a campus bookstore. It is a multitaskers dream...but my nightmare. Not only do I find it challenging and frustrating keeping up with the myriad of tasks for which I am responsible, it's also something I just don't enjoy doing.

I found my way to this job (and away from my preferred career: teaching animation to kids) after fighting debilitating depression and anxiety. Right around the time I started this job I discovered that my dysthymic depression and anxiety was actually undiagnosed, untreated ADD.

Here's the Catch-22: In order to get out of my current job and into my preferred field, I need to focus and stay motivated on a series of tasks (writing emails, proposals, etc.)...and yet I find it nearly impossible to stay deeply focused enough to get anything done. Yesterday I spent a few hours on this and got so overwhelmed with everything I had to get done, that every few minutes I was turning my attention to something else...and nothing was getting done. I feel like I could use an assistant to shadow me and make sure I do not get overwhelmed. I can't even write an email or cover letter anymore without getting drawn away or completely frustrated and dejected.

The world just doesn't feel hopeful when I get that way. Is there any way out of this Catch-22? Can anyone relate?

03-19-07, 02:16 PM
I sure can! I am in a job that pays ok...but other than that I hate it! I hate the work, I the the people, I hate the location! I am looking for a new job in the field that I have education in and am interested in...but it is really hard to find the motivation to review job boards and send in applications and keep track of it all after spending the whole day at work expending more energy than I would if I was in a job I liked, just to keep afloat and not get fired! And then i have to work on my thesis, becasue school is not done yet...then I have to find time to look for a new job! My job is sucking the life out of me...I get so worn down that I have trouble getting motivated for school which will help me improve my job situation and get out of this boring job...but then if I focus on school the amount I should be, I will not have the enrgy for my job and risk getting fired and I can't go without a job! yeah, that's my catch 22 - and I totally understand :)

As for suggestions...try setting aside an hour (or whatever you have available) a day with a break in the middle...if you can convince yourself to get through the hour and get something done, it is an accomplishment no matter how much or little you do. When you feel distracted try to recognize it and tell yourself that if you can focus for the rest of your alloted time then you can let your mind wander and do something else in x minutes. I am trying this with school...with limited success atm but it is getting better as it becomes more of a habit.

03-20-07, 12:23 AM
Do you work better @ night, when the world is quiet, and your brain can let go?

Are you on meds, they help too..

Try going to a coffee shop, with music.

If it's sunny, go to a park, with music.

Music helps, because it distracts, but lets you focus.

I had one job (a desk job) and I hated it, I was so stressed, hours sucked, lunch was 30 minutes ofr 9 hour days, they *****ed when you stopeed to relax, boss always coming with something that was more important than the previous task he assigned me. Couldn't listen to music, earplugs only fine tuned the annoying sounds. I organized a very unorganized business, had a desk with no leg room @ all. I got fired after 2 months. :D

Now I have a job that pays 2/5, not happy, but more content. but too much noise, subs going off, movies playing, noisey computers, people always interupting.

Meds really helped...


Dedication, Distinctiveness, Potential

Have Fun!!