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03-20-07, 06:11 PM
Why would someone be afraid to get help and change for the better?

I'm afraid to get help beyond my meds but I know full well it's a step that needs to be taken to get well and focus.

It'll sound odd but stick with me;

I found a way to bring calm and serenity to myself when I was in chaos. It was almost a zen feeling. I could bring myself to a very serene place in my mind no matter what was going on. I told myself "everything is going to be okay." It was an amazing feeling.

Since I did it that time back in 2000, I've been afraid to try again to get that feeling and state of mind. Weird, I know.

I guess I'm just comfortable with the way I am. Maybe I'm just lazy. I might not want to clean, get a job, go to school and be "normal". If I have ADD, I have an excuse to not do these things.

I don't know...

03-20-07, 06:22 PM
Interesting. And I KNOW you're not the only one.

Maybe afraid you'll fail, if you try things... at least with ADD, there's a ready excuse for failure... And finding out that maybe the real you can't do something you want, and the ADD is not the reason? I mean, people fear failure, and people fail at things, with ADD nowhere in sight. But that can hold people back, the fear of having to let go of a dream that they can do something, once the (fill in the blank with whatever problem they have) is gone.

Or, I could be full of hooey.:) But hey, this sounds to me like a scary and exciting adventurous journey you could set out on.

03-24-07, 11:14 PM
Why would someone be afraid to get help and change for the better?...
Change is a hard thing. Usually there's something to be avoided. Bottom line is that whatever pain you have in your life is bearable and as you say, comfortable.

Personally I couldn't live with the pain of being undiagnosed. It was making my life pure and utter hell. I totally hit the absolute bottom I could go with myself.

One day, there will come a time where whatever pain you have now will be too much for you. There will be no more places to hide, no where else to run to.

Medication is only one option for managing ADD. If you found things like mediation to be helpful, than maybe you don't need the medication. Maybe with the right diet, excercise, and probably good supplemental support, you could manage your ADD drug free.

Read. Educate yourself. Think about what is important to you, and find the support you need to help you live the way you want to.

03-27-07, 05:26 PM
I have found, that when I am in collision with self, I am in collision with all that is around me. I also found that I did not want to change, because if I let go of all these things that defined me, then who would I be. If I was not the chaos... the unknown would be serenity............................. oh gawd, that was uncommon. The uncommon becomes common.

It was a slow process to feel that inner peace on a constant basis. I knew that there was a certain way I needed to sit when talking. I knew when not to use certain emotions that I could attach to feelings when speaking. Because before I knew it, I was sitting up and forward and the emotions were coming up from my gut and I was in attack mode.

I have had the inability to clean at times and when I did, could only muster enough emotional energy to clean 1/3 of the mess. I saw a counselor that assured me that was a start as I grew up in a home of expected perfection when it came to cleanliness. I could never live up to those standards.

I have been in counseling tackling one aspect of my life then another. Many times as I have matured in my understanding of self, I backslide, and relearn that problem area again, but with greater insight. With age does come wisdom. You just need to be an active participant in your recovery.

06-29-07, 10:25 PM
Just stick with your meds. if they are not working them maybe you need to switch to another brand. there are many options