View Full Version : Feel odd about childhood manic behavior...

Matt S.
03-20-07, 07:09 PM
I was raised in an odd way and there was always this lack of responsibility of any sense for my manic behavior and rather than being punished at all it seemed like I escaped responsibility if it were behavior that occurred when I was "medication non-compliant" and the only guilt or remorse expressed was in the form of medication adherence. I can say that although I don't get 'manic' without medication now there was an up down cycle to my depression so it is what it is.

Am I a bad person for not feeling anything for my childhood manic behavior or even tantrums for that fact? I wound up devoid of that concept as a result of PTSD (add that to the worsening of the AD/HD)

I feel like I should reflect on that with guilt (another new thing for me) and I still don't feel anything about a lot of it and it is horrible at times.

Are there any other childhood bipolars with the same type of thing?