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Matt S.
03-21-07, 04:39 PM
I find it ironic that with all of this "Once daily" hype that they didn't reintroduce the Gradumet version. I hope they will again.

03-21-07, 08:03 PM
Good idea mspen1018. Oddly the Desoxyn Gradumet was discontinued as early as 2000 for "manufacturing reasons." I believe the "Once Daily" hype was going on in 2000 too.

It's important to point out that in the U.S. Dr.'s have the option of using a local compound pharmacy to compound any drug that is legally available. Compound pharmacies are often used to recreate drugs that are no longer on the market for the people who responded best to that particular version of the drug.

Matt S.
03-22-07, 11:16 AM
I had a 'script theft' incident recently with the Dexedrine and there was another doctor on call in place of mine who was on vacation, I left a few messages (my doc prescribes a certain number and if I go over the amount for a daily dose (80 mg is my rx dose, I usually only need 50 mg though) I leave a message. Honesty and being on the drug for 20 years didn't mean squat to this other guy who informed my doc of my "drug seeking behavior" and my doctor is super cautious with me now, it's irritating. But with that being said the compounding idea won't fly with my doctor. He's refused to prescribe amphetamine based stimulants to me any more... methylphenidates only. Thank goodness they made Focalin or I'd be miserable.

The advantages to my not being on amphetamine based drugs is that I am less self centered and less obsessive. I seem to be better aware of structure and time management plus I have a social life again. The downfall is the mistrust from this doctor because I tend to need methylphenidates at certain times in my life and amphetamines for others and now I have the suspected "amphetamine addict" intent in asking for Dexedrine and although I am the addictive personality to a "T", stimulant abuse for me was limited to cocaine a couple times and crack once and all it did for me was render me in a state similar to the old school high dose ritalin regimens that hyper kids got in the 80's. I was drunk at a friends house like 5 years ago and they were smoking methamphetamine out of a light bulb and I remember them rearranging the apartment every 20 minutes. At least I wanted the switch or it'd suck.