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03-23-07, 03:45 PM
The Power of Resilience
by Robert Brooks (Author), Sam Goldstein
under $12 at Amazon.
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Has anyone read this book? I have not, but have read excerpts on the LDWorldwide ( and the information looks very helpful to anyone with ADHD or parents of children with ADHD.
I attended a 3 day Special Education Workshop led by Dr. Robert Brooks, “Working with Angry and Resistant Youth: Strategies for Fostering Hope and Resilience.” It was life-changing for me. He is a PhD Psychologist and was the Director of the Psycho-Educational unit at McClean Hospital, the psychiatric hospital of Harvard-where Girl Interrupted was hospitalized. This was the lock down unit with adolescents who were dangerous, phsychotic, or otherwise severely ill and disturbed. I have his book, The Self-Esteem Teacher, it is excellent. When I use what I learned from this workshop in my classes it helps me reach the kids who drive me crazy-those angry, resistant, unmotivated kids. He is a rare person, he shares his failures and his successes and doesn't gloss over his mistakes. That is what made me know I could use what he taught us, it came from the fires of his own learning process. His website:

Dr. Samuel Goldstien writes on ADHD issues and is featured on the website (
His website: (

Here is a link to the excerpt I found on LDWORLDWIDE-

03-24-07, 06:45 PM
thanks raddmom i have look at that book an see how helpfull it is.....greatfull fopr your time as allways......hugs....i find myself ......that faith in myself setins me more than anything eles we have great willpower.....for others when someone says give up or no i say NO! TO THAT AN WORK 200% AS HARD IF NEED BE.....TO GET WERE I NEED TO....THANKS AGAIN RADDMOMO I HOPOE YOU ARE WELL MY FRESIND