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If you have a My-space page go here to see some of my art projects and pets. I have a ghost video on there that is really cool. Something I designed and set up. I have pictures of a 10 acre install with the ghosts running on a line with speeds up to 80mph. Sounds fast but moving over such a large area it takes speed like that to get the right effect. The video on my-space is a 60 foot version. It pulls 60 feet of line in 4 seconds on the fast setting. I doubt anyone has seen this type of effect before. Operates whisper quiet. Small scale is good but large scale outside projects is better.
If anyone wants to do a project like this I can help Ya out. Its very simple. Not so simple that a caveman could do it,(guess what commercial I was just watching) but someone with ADD can and did. Its a great effect and a very low price to make your own. Set up a complete 10 acre system in little as 2 hours. Do the small scale projects in 15 to 30 minutes. Designed by ADD and installable with ADD in mind. Cant do a project that takes more time than you have attention for. :eek:

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Hey if you want to add me to your Friends list on My-Space just invite me and I would be glad to accept.

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I've added you to my friends list on myspace