View Full Version : Recovering from Depression-Share the journey, celebrate life again

03-29-07, 08:48 PM
I am recovering, it has been slow, full of tears, moments and days of nearly giving up, finding the right medications.

This thread if for those of us who have survived depression. Sharing our stories, what helped each of us recover, how we handled the bad times, and slowly gained hope again will perhaps shine a light at the end of darknes for those who are just diagnosed and/or recovering.

Sometimes we forget to share the good things once we are past the darkness. I would like to be here for those of you who are struggling. I will not lie to you, say it is easy, or give you empty platitudes. I will share my journey with you.

So many on this forum supported me over the last weeks and months and will continue to support me as I continue to heal. It is time for me to be there for others.