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04-02-07, 12:13 AM
i dunno bout u guys but i think the best all around cookie is proubly the oreo. sure other cookies might be better for other things (ie, choc chip good for dippin) but the oreo is defanetly the best all around cookie.

wut do u think?

04-02-07, 10:57 AM
You should try the Whole Foods organic equivalent to the Oreo. It is sensational. Nothing matches a homemade cookie, though.

04-02-07, 03:00 PM
I love Albertsons bakery cookies! THEY ARE SO GOOD! I have never had a cookie that came close to as good as they were! To bad they are $4/bag though :(

04-02-07, 10:24 PM
welcome to ADDF, spartan!!

oreos definitely rock! I had an oreo blizzard today. . .

04-02-07, 10:28 PM
welcome to ADDF, spartan!!!

05-27-07, 10:01 PM
ummm oreos... hmmmm let me think... ok ok your right BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE DIPED IN MILK MMMMMMMMMMM!!!

05-27-07, 10:20 PM
Homemade hawaiian coconut cookies, oatmeal and coconut, nice and chewy, can eat a whole batch if I don't watch it.

05-27-07, 10:29 PM
chips ahoy cookie