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04-02-07, 03:16 AM
Hi my name is Nicola Johnson,

I'm a student at swinburne university in melbourne, Australia. Iím currently completing a degree of psychology and psychophysiology, and have been asked, as an assessment to design an ADHD diagnosis and research centre. In this centre I hope to include a community support room. Currently my community support room will run a parents support meeting for 2 hours a week, to discuss ideas with ADHD specialist and other parents. The room will also have a supervised play time, to give parents a break, and allow children with ADHD to get to know others with the disorder. A meditation course will also run, that is relevant to both children and adults living with ADHD. And the room will provide information sheets on the latest treatments, ideas research etc. I am asking for your help with what you feel could be useful in a community support centre, either that you have experienced, or that you believe is missing from your community. I would much appreciate any help you could give me.

Thank you Nicola

04-07-07, 12:22 AM
Maybe post a link to this post in the Parents section? Many of us are Adult ADHDers.