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04-03-07, 01:05 PM
I've been with the same doctor for 2 years. we got along great. he never mentioned any suspitions toward any medication concerns.

my last appointment, i had to cancel. i call ed him back yesterday to make a new one. suddenly i'm trapped in a web of confusion-he had decided on his own? that he thought i was selling my prescriptions? or "over-using"? he would not even try to believe me. he took the certain med away, a med for depression, i've been on for 6 years now, and told me he couldn't trust me and dropped me!

ok, i know, i've heard stories from my teenager, there are some people out there that would do such a thing. but I NEED MY MEDS, I DEPEND ON THEM!

i told him "why would i sell my meds-i seriously have to take them, i would crumble with out them"? see the cute thing is, he took that 1 med away, but as a result of him dropping me, what about my adhd meds?

i was finally settled in on a dose, been so for over 6 months. it is very hard to find a phy. that will treat adhd in the city i live in. the only appointment you can get as a new patient, is about 6 months out and that doesn't guarentee the new doctor will continue your medication regiment.

i found what had gotten him against me. i was at work one day, out of that one med. not allowed to stay on the phone at work. i called my mother, she called him and asked him to phone it in. he did. what got him going is that he said i shouldn't have needed a call in, my last script,he put 3 refills on??? according to the pharmacy, no i did not have any refills. hmmm? what could i say except there must have been a mix up? i had moved accross town, had my scripts transfered to the pharmacy's other location, maybe there was confusion there? he wouldn't listen. over and over he kept refering to me as either and "over user" or a "seller". i know none of you know me from a man on the moon, but i can assure you i am not that kind of person! PEOPLE WITH ADHD AND DEPRESSION NEED THERE MEDS! i'm an adult, not a teenager, i know if i don't take my meds what will happen! why would i do that to myself?

now i'm faced with the unknown. i can't go back to how i was when i first walked into his office-i was a total wreck, not even a thought that i had adhd-he found that on his own! now my new doctor, if i can find one, will get my records and then see "i'm a user and/or a seller-don't trust her with meds". then i guess the new doc will asume i'm a "faker" to get drugs to "sell"!or that i really don't have adhd-i'm doing this so i can sell off prescripions!

08-07-07, 08:23 PM
It is not ethical for a medical professional to refuse to continue to serve you, unless he arranges for continuing care with someone else.

You probably have grounds for a complaint to your state licensing board, and to your insurance company if you use one.

You didn't mention the med in question, but I can't think of a medication for depression that is sold on the black market. If he thought you were using it other than as prescribed, that is a clinical issue that needs discussion with you, not termination.

Here's a suggestion: contact the pharmacist who handled the transaction. Ask him to contact the doctor, telling him only that the doctor was concerned about how soon the refill was requested. The pharmacist can verify how much or how often he has supplied your meds.

08-19-07, 08:07 AM
in my state the meds that I take for adhd are not refilled automaticaly, the doctor has to write out a script every single time, so if that is the case in your state there should be a record right at his office of how often you get it refilled. that way there is proof that you do or you dont get to many refills, and then he should have known long ago if there was a problem. sounds like he has issues.