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04-04-07, 08:25 PM
okay im new at this, and i know it aint good, but my friend wanted me to post this on here, so u can blame her if its that bad lol. so ur not completly lost, i moved away and went bak during a vacation, and i didnt liek wat i saw.
also, if this is in the wrong part of the forums, ill move it XD lol:rolleyes:

I came back on vacation
and was met with a surprise
I saw you all changed and different
right before my very eyes
What happened to my childhood
and the people I once knew
I called them all my friends
but I guess I was wrong about that too
gone for a few months
then came back again
saw a glimpse of reality
and a future that was dim
you all changed my life
in ways of good or bad
but now you've changed yourselves
and taken the people I once had
What happened to those elementary days
full of soccer, boys, and fun
the days we held so tight and dear
like shows on disney and nickolodeon
Maccaronni and finger paint
have all been wahsed down the drain
all of our funny moments
now feel stupid and insane
when we moved up to middle school
all the drama started
with lies and boys and social cliques
we bagan to fall broken hearted
school got better
then got worse
as friends we had
all turned to jerks
middle school drama
oh shall it never end
once it seems like it's over
new drama soon begins
she took my boyfriend
No she took mine
over and over
the same old line
just hold out till high school
the drama will end
but how do you know
it won't start again
school shootings start
and wishes of death
and maybe one night
you'll get put to the test
you may get a razor
then take out the blade
start to dig deep
till you cry from the pain
who could have done it
what could have been so bad
how about losing your friends
the ones you thought you'd always have
this summer was difficult
and everyday i cried
but i always wiped away my tears
and quickly thought of a lie
i never showed my emotions to you
not because you werent able to talk
but because you werent true
true to your words of friendship forever
those who said best friends forever
well life has taken turns
and i am different too
though i cant stand to say
how much i really hate you
not all of you of course
but those of you who knew
that id come back some day
and start to feel remorse
this is a call to those i love
thanks for being angels sent from above
though i dont say it enough
i love you all dearly
and now i see my life
a little more clearly
thanks for standing by me
through all the good and bad
you truely are the greatest friends
i have ever had!