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04-04-07, 11:41 PM
First off - You don't have to be a child to take Daytrana. It seems as though I'm one of the first adult to make a post about this medication and its effects/benefits/downsides...

I'm 24 years old, am using the patch, and thus far, all is well. I have been diagnosed with ADHD for about five years now and have to say that next to Adderall (tablet form), Daytrana is one of the best medications that I have seen yet (Its hard to keep in mind that this medication is NOT Adderall and will not have the exact same effects). Note that I have also been diagnosed with Anxiety disorder in addition to ADHD which is why my body gets sometimes gets tensed up and I clench my teeth.

I feel like a war verteran with all the ADHD medications that I've been on throughout the duration of the last five years - Wellbutrin, Ritalin, Adderall XR and tablets, Straterra, Dextroamphetamine, Metadate CD, Focalin, herbal remedies, and power drinks. Up untile this point, the ONLY medication that has worked for me has been Adderall (tablets). I started at 5mg during my sophomore year in college and titrated upwards toward about 120 mg - 130 mg per day (My psychiatrist recently informed me that I could take up to 60 mg of Adderall XR in one dose!). Finally, my psychiatrist prescribed gave me a prescription for 10 mg Daytrana to be used up to 3 times per day. Thus far its effects have been great - I can focus, I'm not as easily distracted, and can complete tasks that I am assigned. One of the reason most meds havent worked in body is because my body has an extremely high metabolism - my body can chew foods and pills up like acid :D.

I have been on Daytranna for a total of 2 days now and am also taking 2 Wellbutrin XL 150 mg pills (again ... the Wellbutrin is for the anxiety).

Day 1:

* I blew through about 3 patches before I was finally able to get one completely open correctly. I think Shire could make this at least a "little" easier! What gives?
* I noticed that I was a little more focused after about 20 minutes. Maybe Euphoria?
* I felt a "high", in a sense, the first hour that I was on the medication. After an hour my body began getting extra tense (more than usual). The focus that I had at first seemed to start wearing off; however, this was not the case.
*After about 3 hours the medicine began circulating itself in my system to a good extent - I was able to focus correctly, not be distracted, complete my tasks, and finish all of my sentences while I was in conversations
*After about 4 hours, the medicince seemed to be wearing off again so I added another patch totalling 20 mg of Daytranna. After applying the second patch, my focus was immediately corrected and my brain went back to a "normal" state again. On the flipside, my body also got extremely tensed and my tics, that I occassionally have, became very prominent (twitching, teeth clenching). I left the patch on to see what would happen.
* Throughout the remainder of the day, I didn't notice any additional changes other than the following: my focus increased a little, the ability to accomplish most of my tasks again was somewhat corrected, and I was not as distracted as I am without the medication.
* I did put a 3rd patch on around 6:00 pm so as to accomplish a few evening chores and some programming scripts for work
* I took all 3 patches off before I was about to go to bed and noticed that the effect of the medication came to an abrupt hault for a few minutes and then began diminishing for the next hour

Day 2 (today):

* The same effects happened as did in Day 1; however, I took 20 mg of Daytrana for the first application instead of 10 mg to see what the effect would be like. - I was able to focus very quickly; however, after about 10 minutes, my body got so tensed up that I had to take the 2nd patch off.
* Again, when I was peeling the plastic off of one of the patches, the medication stuck completely on the plastic part and left no patch to be used (Yes, I do peel the plastic off from the far edges) - what a waste ... I started with 40 patches in 2 boxes and have almost used up one whole box! ... The patches are merely a "luck of the draw" ... they either peel correctly or not at all
* All has been well today - focus seems to be "okay", ability to complete tasks is "okay", and I wasn't as distracted as always.
* The medication has also "mellowed" me out a little more as well
* I have used a total of 3 patches again today (30 mg) and feel good ... I'm a little tired; however, I can still get to sleep tonight.
*Note that I have been applying the patches around the upper-outter parts of my thighs near my waistline.
Guys - for those of you with hair on your upper legs - you will need to shave it completely off so the patch can work correctly... I know ... it sucks ... but there are only so many places that you can apply the patch!
I have yet to notice any skin irratations whatsoever. The sticky patch leaves a little red mark and then goes away within a few hours - no biggy. I would recommend applying the patch in as many different spots as possible before re-applying the patch to the same areas so as to avoid any possible pains that may occur.

Maybe this is normal and my body and mind are use to Adderall and expect the exact same results (instant hyperfocus, ability to complete many tasks at once, and rarely being distracted)? ...

Hopefully the Daytrana benefits will be more heightened for Day 3

Who on this forum has ACTUALLY used a Daytrana patch or is CURRENTLY using a Daytrana patch and what were the side effects for the first few days? first few weeks? months? etc... <I'd like to hear from people who are on this medication and can share their current story and not people regurgatating the same information off of " (">

04-07-07, 12:56 PM
I have been using the patch. I started out on the 15mg 4 weeks ago and was just upped to 30mg a week ago. I am not sure if this is the correct med for me. I have done a little research on it and its basically from what I can understand along the same lines as Ritalin.
some background....
I am 32 years old and was first diagnosed by 3 pych drs in the 3rd grade. Back then ADD was not as well known as now. Since then I have been tested numerous times. So I was on Ritalin from 3rd grade till my senior year of high school thus quitting in College. For the simple reason I was grown and out on my own and one couldnt afford it and two I thought I didnt need it.
So now at 32 and lost in life and back in school I am *TRYING* to find something to work. So the dr started me off with this.

The 15mg patch was ok. I noticed a slight difference. I completed simple to complex daily tasks effieciently when before it could take me forever and a act of god to even get started. Noticed a ever so slight jaw clinching and the typical ache.
The 30mg patch is not ok. I just think that this type of add med is not right for me. I tend to me way more exhausted than normal. I put the patch on in the morning before work and about 1 to 2 hours later develop a headache that lasts all day. Then mid afternoon I am so incredibly exhausted it is ridiculous.

I am going to go ahead and make my dr follow up for next week instead the intended first week of May. For the mean time I will probably take the 30mg and cut it in half and use it that way.

One question??? At the site of application do you ever have a tingling sensation. It is funny because I do and tend to check my pockets where it is tingling because I think my phone is in there on vibrate. Then I correct myself knowing its just the patch...just weird!

Since I have been off ADD meds since I was 18-20 this is my first one to try since being a adult. I am happy to try anything that will work but the trial and error SUCKS. It pleases me that you found something you are happy with and I hope it works out for you!

04-23-07, 08:57 PM

Sorry for the late response; however, I've been quite occupied with work and friends.

Actually Datrana did not end up working out for me. I used it for a total of 5 days before I scrapped it and went to Concerta (which isn't working either). I still find myself going right back to the Adderall.

In answer to your question - When I wore the patch, I did get a "tingly" sensation whenever I initially had put it on my hip. It was like a small wave of Adderall began spreading into my system. It was like putting a bandaid on my hip and then ripping off some skin before shower time. I'm not certain if that's suppose to happen or not; however, I always look for the overall effect. I usually started feeling tired after the medicine was in my system for about 5 hours or so.

To continue from earlier:

Day 3 - Day 5: I used up to 45 mg total each day and nothing happened at all. I didn't get the headache, but I did feel a little dizzy. I did place all 3 patches on at once as prescribed by the psychiatrist.

Amy - Are you getting plenty of rest each night? Eating a 3 wholesome meals a day? ... Definitely keep looking for the correct medicine - I know it's not easy ... believe me! ... I'm still taking around 120 mg of adderall each day ...

**I recommend this to everyone - Start taking "Fish Pills." This works great in conjunction with the ADD/ADHD medicines.**

By the way, Amy, are you from H-Town?

-Good Luck


05-01-07, 02:28 PM
I'm a 20 year old college student with adhd, i've been taking adderall since 8th grade, (previous to that i tried everything out there). I had recently become extremely disenchanted with adderall and the moodiness and zoning out/feeling too calm. I also tried dex, found it was adderall but without the calming effect. it was also too up and down for me. Recently switched to Daytrana 10mg (from 10mg 1-2x adderall).

Trying daytrana so far (2nd day) has really been wonderful! I have tons of energy like i used to! I feel like i have unlimited energy to get up and do chores and stuff, and i'm always looking for something to do, rather than just sit around in the zone as I had on adderall. I find it's much less "calming" and numbing than adderall was, which can be an advantage or disadvantage. I dont think the focus is *as* good, at this dose, but I find it keeps me really well balanced, able to socialize --chatty (wasnt able to do this on adderall). , and able to concentrate when i need to. I find I get this dizzy kind of come up during the first hour or so that can be distracting and disorienting. I feel that the peak effects for me begin at about 2-3 hours after putting it on, and then last until i take it off. (incredible!!). After taking it off, I usually have a 3-4 hour period where i feel kind of lame physically, but there is very little mood depression so far for me during the wear off period.

For me, this is obviously 100x more smooth than adderall or dex IR, and probably a lot more smooth than adderall xr (with which i felt a peak and drop as the 2nd dose wore in). It's amazing that i feel so normal again!

Advantages: No redosing!!, No side effects for me yet (except minor stomach problems when i dont eat). Lasts all day!! Doesnt mess with my serotonin and mood as much as adderall or dex does. Energy is really smooth and long lasting, focus seems really clean compared to amphetamines.

Disadvantages: I've gone through 2 patches each day trying to get the damn things on - why are they manufactured so poorly?. Minor headaches and twitchiness when it wears off. Twitchiness during the effects of the drug (tapping foot - a small price to pay for extra energy, imho).

Anyone know if these things can be worn for 12-16 hours? There's enough medication inside for 24 hour dosing, but im wondering if the concentration gradient is still high enough after 9 hours to get the drug through your skin. One of my friends' doctors has him take off the patch and put a new one on after 9 hours.

Hope this information helps someone. Ask if you have any further questions.

05-01-07, 02:45 PM
It's only approved for 9 hours, so anything else would be off lable use, (fyi, noven originally submitted it for 12 hrs and it was rejected by the FDA becuase it was so long). You should ask our Dr if he thinks you should wear it longer.

05-02-07, 08:15 AM
Just had to pop in. We moved here from Germany and they put my almost 17 yo on Daytrana. So far so good. Our doctor said that he could actually wear it all night even though the packaging says 9 hours. This has been a godsend since he is one of the rarer cases who need ritalin to go to sleep and we could never cover enough of his day with standard medications.

Our doc also said it takes about 1 - 1 1/2 hours to start really working so we give him one generic ritalin in the morning to get him through the first class.

I'm glad to see some postings on this. Thanks, guys.


05-18-07, 03:21 PM
Figured I'd chime in.

I started Daytrana 10mg about a week ago. Day 1 was nothing so Day 2 the dosage was upped to 20mg. Better but not great. I'm currently on 30mg and it works fairly well. My personal opinion is that methylphenidate is a 'harsher' stimulant than amphetamine BUT the patch provides a complete and steady dose with zero ups and downs.

Oh, I found that applying the patches to the hip area didn't work well at all. I've been sticking them on my upper arm, towards the shoulder and they work just fine. I have experienced no skin irritation at all.

Overall I prefer Adderall easily over Methylphenidate meds but I don't like and can't tolerate ups and downs of pills. If the patch continues to do work like this I'm gonna continue with it.

05-26-07, 07:30 PM
Anyone know if these things can be worn for 12-16 hours? There's enough medication inside for 24 hour dosing, but im wondering if the concentration gradient is still high enough after 9 hours to get the drug through your skin. One of my friends' doctors has him take off the patch and put a new one on after 9 hours.

This quote might answer your inquery:

The approved wear time is for up to 9 hours, providing 12 hours of effective control of symptoms. Wearing time for the patch can be individualized so that it is removed 3 hours before you want it to wear off. This allows for up to 15 hours of effectiveness, i.e., 12 hours wearing time. Many patients leave the patch on for 24 hours. The effect wears off in 15 hours and sometimes sleep is better when leaving it on.
Because the patch provides up to 15 hours of effective symptom control and can be flexibly dosed to wear off within 3 hours when removed, it should be considered the first line form of methylphenidate in clinical practice. No other stimulant on the market provides more than 12 hours with single dosing and in ADHD it is hard to remember to take second and third doses of medication.

05-30-07, 12:53 AM
I've also just started using Daytrana -- went from Adderall to Ritalin. I'm 38, diagnosed with ADD a few years ago. The Daytrana does seem to be working better for me. Before when I took Ritalin, I'd be totally wired within half an hour of taking the medication and had an overwhelming sense of urgency/near panic that lasted a couple hours. The first half hour I would have a million thoughts running through my head. I'd come into work and like a madwoman crank out emails, make calls etc. So it certainly improved my short-term productivity, but I often wouldn't eat or even go to the bathroom for hours on end. Then when the medication wore off in the afternoon I was totally lethargic.

The Daytrana smooths out the dosage so I don't get the feeling of urgency/near panic and I generally feel more focused throughout the day. The downside of the patch: after you take it off there's a red blotch for a bit -- only an issue in bathing suit season, I guess. Also, like a bandaid, some of the adhesive sticks to your skin and you have to scrub it off.

As far as leaving the patch on for more than 9 hours. I did that regularly, although unintentionally, and sometimes found it harder to fall asleep. I try to remember to remove the patch a few hours before bedtime.

I haven't experienced any adverse side effects at this point.

05-30-07, 01:54 AM
>sometimes sleep is better when leaving it on

Stimulants to sleep?

Some people do indeed do this. For a MD to be recommending it is strange. It's never a complete adaptation -- sleep quality decreases significantly.

Why not just take the thing off?

EDIT: Okay, well, I know there are people who feel they need the help (and indeed, this practice is habit-forming), but IMO they could really benefit from better sleep-induction, "winding-down" techniques rather than accept this impairing modality ... uh, well, I'll stop criticizing now.

02-23-08, 06:04 PM
Does anyone know if I can buy Daytrana online anywhere?

03-10-08, 10:05 PM
I've beening using Daytrana for 3 days. It is definately more convenient for me. It seems to matter exactly where the patch is placed on the hip as to how effective it is. If it is place an area with less fat it works better.

03-13-08, 12:15 AM
is the patch in canada???

04-01-08, 08:08 AM
I have been on Daytrana for about 6 months. I like it because there are no ups and downs of meds wearing off. I use a 30 mg patch. So far it is wonderful.

I was diagnosed 2 years ago and have been through many meds. I like Daytrana because it by passes my tummy. I have a very sensitive gut and the patch is very much better.

02-01-12, 01:48 PM
Does anyone know if I can buy Daytrana online anywhere?

That is a very, very good question. I live in Puerto Rico and I have been trying to get Daytrana to the island for 18 months. Every time I went to Walgreens I would ask and they would say they ordered it. Then after 9 months they got 20 mg but I was using 30 mg. So they tried again to order it.

Then I lost my insurance through school and it is practically socialized medicine here so I didn't bother to find some insurance to pay out of pocket. But for the life of me I CAN"T get 30 mg Daytrana and the one place that got the 20 mg can't get it any more. So frustrated.

Anyone know about online?