View Full Version : any ideas for potluck brunch?desserts,fingers foods or side dishes?

04-05-07, 11:07 AM
Hello and good morning to all !!! How are you all doing?
I thought I would say Happy Easter as I probally will not be on sunday as we have a busyyyyyyyyy day planned for us. We are going to church in the monring and than having a brunch pot luck after words.
I am having fun with getting ideas together on snacks and foods to go with ham and turkey and cant forget the desserts.
So far we are making chickens out of hard boiled eggs and nest made out of fruity pebbles,marshmallows,and inside the nest we are going to put coconut for the bedding for the peeps chicks and the robbin eggs (colored whoopers),inside. We have a good size childrens church so thought they would enjoy them.We are making creamed carrots so far for a side to go with the ham and turkey.
Do any of you have any good dessert,finger foods or side dish ideas you could help me out with.We are having fun with this but would really like your input and ideas as we want too make more,lol.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend.
Big hugs to you all!!! :D

04-05-07, 11:46 AM
Cookies are good, but make them smaller-more from same batch and at a potluck, people don't need normal size servings.

Mini-meatballs in a savory or piquant sauce
dinner rolls-my usual and always a big hit-homemade of course
any kind of cake with cool whip seems to go over big in our area! Jello cakes or those pudding/cream cheese and cool whip things.
baked beans
that chinese salad with ramen noodles and almonds
Green marshmallow salad
fruit salad-fresh and canned fruit in pear or own juices (safer for diabetics and fewer calories too.) cut things into small chunks so a serving spoonful is easy to scoop up. Not real juicy-runs on plate
potato salad

just cut things into small sections/pieces-more to go around and same reason as above. If food will sit out a long time, beaware that protien-based foods at room temperature longer than an hour or two may cause food poisoning. Put your food like this on ice or in a cooler until serving time.


If you are really stressed, go to the deli!

04-05-07, 03:11 PM
Thank you so much,I am really having fun with this. Easter has got to be my favorite holiday.