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04-09-07, 09:27 PM
Alphabetically Organized Abuse

Against betting chances
Determined egrets fly gawkishly
Hoping in jealous kiniptions
Letting mad notions

"Quality relieves stress"
They understand.
"Value wonderful xylophones"
Yea, zen.

04-09-07, 09:30 PM
Hello, is this thing on? Hello? Hello? (aside: Martha, I think someones' turned it off!) Is this turned on? Testing, one, two, three... (thunk, thunk *screeeeech*). Hello? There, that's better.

"And tonight our speaker is Great Scot! Let's all give him a big hand!" (smattering of barely polite applause)

"Thank you, thank you very much... " drawls Scot, taking a totally relaxed drag from his Gauloise while adjusting his charcoal beret and sunglasses.

"Tonight I'm going to read "Insubstantial Touches", a poem that I brought into the world to demonstrate the madness of the..." another drag on the rank French cigarette, "...of the Post-Extentionalist society."


"Insubstantial Touches"

The light blue blaze
Reflecting heaven above
Shatters the ochre night

(Demented bodies)
(Tumbling minds)

Darkness in discordance
Illuminates magenta eyes

(Twisted forms)
(Eccentric noise)

Violet tempers
Swell and soar in bundles
Breathing the ether deeply

(Delaying discernment)
(Circling madness)

Hell-bound handbaskets go
Woven with amber thoughts
Subsisting existentially upon words

(Roving immovably)
(Insubstantial touches)


(Stunned silence...a woman chokes in the back, turning it into a cough, feet are heard quietly shuffling while all look to the black-clad figure wreathed in cigarette smoke, still in the Hamlet-soliloquy pose he adopted on the last lines of poem...)

04-14-07, 08:56 AM
Should add one into the poem comp that we have going in umm other creative endovors. On the spot poems.

04-18-07, 07:11 PM
A Few Different Ways to Prepare Llama
I was riding a llama the other day
It said to me
"Beware the dreaded haiku"

A llama stopped and turned
On its back it carried Death.
Death was carrying a string
It was playing cats' cradle.

If a llama falls in the forest
Can you see it
Through the trees?

The shadow of a llama crossed my path.
The sun is not to be seen.

My breath stopped
My eyes widened
Llama droppings
I am saved!

04-19-07, 12:21 PM
A car
Splashes the walker

04-19-07, 12:29 PM
On Creativity and Scuba Gear

I am filled like a tipping-teacup
With the desire to create
Many intangible forms & fancies.
But my method and my style
Are approximately as useful to me
As scuba gear to a lemming

or maybe a flounder... While the sun gets extinguished
By Gods' kitchen baking soda
I ponder its beauty and I wonder
"Could I presume..."