View Full Version : I've learned how to take advantage of ADHD. Have you?

04-12-07, 01:12 AM
Since there's so much discussion dedicated to the negative effects of ADHD in school, does anyone other than me think it actually helps? I've read about ADDers who've had troubles in all subjects, but I assure you if you just learn how to use your mental traits to your advantage, you may just be able turn your grades around. While my grades aren't necessarily quite as high as those from the valedictorian whatever type, I've perhaps developed one of the best problem solving and test taking minds in my school by accepting my own neurological makeup. I've refused all medicines and the like too.

For example, let's pretend it's midterms week and well there's a huge math midterm. During the test while almost everyone else is panicking because they forgot the formula, my wandering mind which never even tried to learn the formula in the first place strays in many different directions. Eventually it finds and fetches some kind of a creative solution that almost nobody else would ever think of. Of course when comparing answers afterwards, I feel smart about myself when my answer matches that of the boring kids that wasted their time memorizing the ****** formula. I've actually had to explain what I did to various teachers a number of times to get credit because of my creative approaches. The only thing I can accredit this creative problem solving ability to is the infamous ADHD which in todays world seems synonymous with "bad grades".

It is true that ADHD makes strict memorization of facts as well as reading and writing more difficult to me, but my conceptual thinking still gives me good multiple choice guesses, a basic understanding of what's going on in a book, and great foundations to build my disorganized writing upon.

Homework's a completely different game. If Jesus had ADHD, even he would procrastinate and rush his homework. I've always had high enough test grades that I never have really had much motivation to stop half ****** homeworks so that's what I usually do.

That's all folks. I bet you don't care one bit about my rant, but I would be interested in how YOU have learned to use ADHD to your advantage.

04-15-07, 05:57 AM said it word for word...................same here..........never did a HW assignment.....always thought of creative ways towards solving problems.....i would always hand in the test last though............but now i am in calculus and its impossible to create..........i think i did once.........and i felt so good about was a pattern for derivatives that applied to logs and it worked and I got a good grade

04-15-07, 04:11 PM
I'm always last too on tests, but I somehow always manage to finish with about 1 minute left. I actually do all my homework assignments that I remember that count for grades. In my school, I would be screwed if I didn't, but I do cut corners and am happy with 80+...