View Full Version : i feel like no matter what i do i will fail.. except crime

04-14-07, 10:43 PM
ive read somewhere that for some reason people with ADD are drawn to crime for like the thrill seeking behavior ... idk but basicly i can't ever seem to do anything like i cant follow through with anything it takes me all weekend to do my chores and homework and most people prob takes like a few hours at most

the only thing i was ever good at is crime stuff

ive been arrested 3 times before 17 (ive done more serious things involving theft and car burglary but these things i never got caught doing i also used to be part of a small "gang" i guess was mostly a bunch of thieves helping each other)

1. for possesion of alcohol *middle school*(and almost public intoxication because the crooked pig stuck the breath thingy in the bottle first then tested my breath)
2. sex in public *middle school* (wasnt REALLY sex though crooked cops long story)
3. vandilatation and destruction of federal property

and even during my community service i stole from the church i was helping pack stuff to be sent to HAITES the poorest place wooowww

i know i shouldnt keep down this path but its so hard to follow through with things and crime you just gotta be real smart and focus really hard and be alert for a small amount of time and you can make a living, even though a short one not only that but im good at it!! really good!!

hell my fav show is it takes a thief on the discovery channel jon is like my IDOL and he has my name 2 :)

idk i cant keep down this path or ill end up dead or in prison

i really need help or advice i know my add is a big part of this because of what ive read n what not "Some studies have suggested that up to 70% of juvenile offenders have ADHD and that upwards of 40% of males in medium security prison show all the classic symptoms of ADHD. When compared to the norm of 3-5% of individuals having ADHD, the numbers would certainly suggest that ADHD plays a role and places individuals with a higher risk factor of displaying antisocial and/or criminal behavior."

and dont say anything to do with family mine is not very smart or supportive

ignorant people my family is

help :o

04-17-07, 09:12 PM
Are you on meds, mrjello?

04-18-07, 10:49 PM
Wow... it takes a big person to acknowledge their problem, know it's wrong, and want to fix it.

I can't give you advice, but I can say kudos for completing the first step :)

04-19-07, 02:06 AM
I can only speculate whether or not you might be motivated by the thrill of commiting crime, or perhaps you might be attempting to support an addiction. Whatever your reasons might be, I applaud you for asking for help on this issue.

Not knowing why you are drawn to a life of crime kinda makes it hard to offer suggestions, however I will give it a shot anyway. I suggest that you might consider living a simpler life. I say this under the assumption that perhaps your appetites, or your debts are such that you have to resort to crime in order to fulfill them?

There is an old Chinese proverb that states, "Those who know they have enough, are rich."

Peace, Lars

04-19-07, 02:39 AM
WOW! Heavy. Takes guts as Paws said to admit all that. Good start. Acknowledging that you have a problem.

What you need to do is find another legal way to experience the same rush. You, I am going to guess scince you are showing some remorse, are addicted more to the thrill not the steal as much.

All that is coming to my mind to get the same rush is to do some physical exercise, hunting can also give you the same thrill.

In Australia a way that I was told and have tried is to kill wild dogs. They are a real pest where I am killing live stock. (Sorry to anyone this may offend but they have attacked people by that I mean children).

I don't know in America if you can do that. There are also a lot of sports that will give you rush again. You need some release. Please do not hesitate to contact people.

I will post again with something that will help. That is legal.

Meds and Shrinks are often very helpful so long as you do not go in there with the thought they are stupid drug dispensing machines. Give them a chance to help you.