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04-15-07, 09:19 PM
I wasn't really sure where to put this here.
I find myself in a pickle....and perhaps someone here can help

You know how kids bring stray cats or dogs home? Well my son brings other kids.

His wonderful hypersensitivy to other's pain leaves him weak and his magnet to draw in kids much like himself, has landed me with 2 other teenagers in my home.

The first one has been here about a month. He is 18 but diagnosed with ADD/BPD & LD. His Aunt threw him into the streets, but continues to hand out part of his SSI check, the rest she nicely keeps for herself. I have contacted the SSA and they told me they can stop it immediatly. I advised them wait until I get to office and find this kid a new payee. I don't want the responsibilities. But geez ,$35 every 2 weeks isn't even feeding this kid.

I can't believe she has the gaul to know he lives here, not contact me to setup some type of help with his care. WEll it doesn't surprise me. She obviously could care less, since she thinks it's okay to give him only 400 dollars of his money, if he's lucky..and keep the rest of the 250 for herself, when she threw him out.
He needs medication, I have no way of getting his information to get him to the doctor without a possible confrontation with her. And believe me it won't be pretty if she acts as ignorant as I expect her too. He left because they all drink and fight all the time. I also have a hard time getting off during the day when most of these stupid places are open.

Then over the last 2 weeks my son was sneaking in another kid. I saw him only 2x's. He never spoke. Which aggravated me. I find that very disrespectful. Finally the other one who stays with me ,got jumped by some kids, and I took all of them up to the police dept to file a report.
While the police were talking to one, I talked to this other kid.

He is 17, he has been homeless since Dec. He is ADD and has and PTSd anxiety, and an eating & sleeping disorder!

His mom died 3 years ago from cervical cancer, she died at home and he watched her. His dad is abusive. He was thrown out after his dad went after his 14 year old sister with a baseball bat and he stepped in took the bat from him and hit him. He threw him out. He told me he has done drugs, but stopped all but weed. He has cut himself, and has stopped that, but struggles with eating and sleeping. He is a very nice kid. Oldest of 4 and despite his obvious trama, is very "peaceful" and is the diplomat between my high strung son and the other one.

I talked to the police that night, and said I don't know what to do with this kid? I have one extra already. He said to call and make sure he isn't a run away. I did. He gave him some flyer with some numbers to contact.
This kid isn't a runaway.

Story confirmed, his dad left him in the streets. Another "thrown away" teenager. I put him in the car with the other 2, took him home. And I told him you can sleep here tonight, but I don't have room for others. WEll that was 4 nights ago. I told him to peel of the clothes he was wearing for days, fed him and told him to bathe. He had no winter coat? My husband spent the night looking through clothes to find him something to wear. And gave him a coat. I couldn't send him out into the streets again. I can't. My heart is broken for this kid.

How can a parent throw a kid out on the street, and not even report him missing or runaway after a couple of days let alone since Dec? How could I let him go back out? Now what?

I called 696 kids to find out what can I do? They want the father's info. I know what this means. Foster care. This kid told me look, he has been reported 10 times, and always gets out of it. Takes a stupid class, tell them what they want to hear.

How can you help these kids, without them getting shoved into an already overwhelmed system, who cares very little about thier "disabilities".

The other one, I can get situated. I just have to find the time. And soon.

This one, I have no idea, how do you advocate for them, how do you help a "thrown away" teenager with mental disabilities?

God how many more of them are there out there.

My own problems seem so insignifigant now. This kid has faced so many things, yet he is so sweet. I asked him how are you the "worst" off of the 3 teens, be so calm level headed and diplomatic.

He said, survival technique in my house, diversioin from the other kids to him.

OMG. I almost broke down....this is a great kid. He already calls me mom, and it makes me want to cry everytime, knowing his own is gone.

Any help? Any ideas? Suggestions? Groups , links ? Something?