View Full Version : ritalin for adults in the uk?

04-16-07, 02:42 AM

i already post this one months ago, but it seems like the mod. deleted my post beacuse i post in two sections (sorry for that!)

i want to move to london next year but dont want to stop with taking ritalin. is there any problem to get it in the uk? pay the nhs for it? somebody knows a good doc. in london for adhd?

thanks for help!

04-16-07, 02:48 AM
Hi there. Welcome again.

Please check out our Diagnosis section under General ADD. There is a thread there that might help you out:

04-21-07, 03:48 AM
Hi Volver
Unfortunately, it's not always easy to get prescribed Ritalin in the UK. The quickest route would be seeing a private doctor & getting a private prescription. Taking the NHS route can be very difficult & time consuming for some people. If you check out the adders website there are links & forums on there, where you can ask about London doctors. You could also contact ADDiss for information I also have a couple of doctors names if you want to PM me.

Good luck!