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04-17-07, 01:05 PM
Ok Since I'm not the shy type: at least when I'm not speaking to you face to face, I figure I would write a poem in this thread maybe two or three and see if you guys think did I get it from a book, or if I made it up, or what you guys think of it in general:

Hey if it inspires you , makes you happy, makes you laugh, makes you think then thatís great too!

Here goes my first one:

I have add and that does not bother me, For I know who I am and thatís all I see. I don't compare nor do I stare, I don't fear I'm simply here. I'm unique and have no beak, I'm hyper and so is a sniper
I am normal, so I can be formal, I hear with my two ears and see with my two eyes, I have no guilt for the ones I despise. Why I am often misunderstood, who knows if I would, could or should? It simple to see that people like me, are not easy to scare so I don't and I don't care.

04-17-07, 02:23 PM

whatís not to love: We can struggle with things or we can shine. While the rest of the world stays behind. We move with pride and diligence and we often have more intelligence.
We face obstacles head first and if we fail we come back with a thirst. A thirst that the rest of the world only wishes they had.
I'm happy with myself and thatís all I know, this is what I need to get me to go. The rest of the world can assume and judge all I know is I won't hold a grudge.

04-17-07, 02:45 PM
You should post more of them :)

04-17-07, 03:06 PM
Thanks!! I will but don't want to run out :)

04-17-07, 11:02 PM
I have hands so I can feel, I have my hands so I can touch.
I have eyes so I can see, I have eyes to help guide me.
I have ears so I can hear, I have ears so I have no fear

I have my emotions so I now know, I have my emotions that let me go
I have my feelings so I will learn, I have my feelings that make me yearn.
I have my spirt that keeps me sane, I have my spirt that brings me fame

I'm glad that I have this key, that helps guide me and lets me free.

04-18-07, 03:06 AM
Cool. I really like all of this. Not just a nice comment it is the truth.