View Full Version : Switched from Wellbutrin XL to Lamictal

04-18-07, 12:09 PM
Today is my second day on 25 mg of lamictal. I am hopeful that this medication might really help me. I've heard it has helped to curb anger and anxiety for many people. *fingers crossed*

04-23-07, 10:13 PM

I've heard great things about Lamictal. I've been on Alprazolam for 7yrs. now and it works great for panic and other anxiety issues but a few months ago I was dx with ADD and my Pdr. rx'd Abilify, (to stablize mood) Provigil (off-label for ADD) and wants to add Lamictal to reduce/kill my anxiety. Do you know how long it takes to work? I've heard weeks to months (maybe less)?

Any input would be great!

Take care.

04-23-07, 10:59 PM
Good luck Wish! It has really helped many of us. I hope it works well for you too.

Please keep in touch. You know where to find me ;)