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04-18-07, 12:21 PM
The pet predicament...

We have a dog. Not the best trained, but he's a good dog. Wonderful part of the family.

Have a gecko and a betta fish...very low maintenance critters.

Now we've adopted a green anole, who needs more humidity than I am providing. Still trying to figure that one out. More research for this very inattentive, brain-blank, Mama.

We are also adopting a cat.

I don't want to keep being the main care taker here, the point was for each kid to learn how to care for and be responsible for another living thing. My second child saved up the money for this anole. $25 is not easy for an (almost) 8 year old.


1) Getting the kids into the routine of remembering to care for the critters, when Mama already has no routine for them. "Hey, the dog's bowl is empty. #2 son, give the dog water." How long has it been empty? Not long, they're well taken care of...but still!

2) I need an old cat and a young dog to ignore each other. I know they won't get along. Willie goes nuts about small critters. My Mom suggested putting the kitty in her cat carrier and letting her hide in there for a couple of days (letting her out in a private space for eating and potty and loving time). Then reversing it. Put the dog in his crate and let the cat wander about free. Hopefully getting him used to the cat's presence and a sense of "off limits:". That and a water squirt-bottle. The cat's main abode and hiding spot is in our bedroom, so he does have a place to hide.

Any other advice?

~glutton for punishment Mama

04-18-07, 03:26 PM
I have six cats and a dog, and we've had minimal problems. In fact, two of the cats who were adopted after the dog adore the dog. And the ones who never grew to like the dog taught her in fairly short order to keep her distance, so everyone has free run of the house with no problems.

(Not to rain on anyone's parade, but we had an anole and it was the most boring pet ever. We gave it away with no regrets. Even the cats thought it was boring.)

04-18-07, 03:55 PM
reptiles are not terribly active pets. you don't get to play with them like dogs and cats, but we find them fascinating.

04-18-07, 04:13 PM
I've never had an anole, but I've found that having a custom-made reptile enclosure is far better for keeping temperature and humidity stable. Aquariums are great for fish, but they have weaknesses for reptiles. The enclosure I have is made of honey-combed PVC plastic, sealed on 5 sides. There are vents in the back and a sliding glass window in the front. This is very energy efficient and makes controlling moisture a breeze.

I can keep the air humidity at about 50% just by keeping the water bowl under the heater. Edging it out further reduces it when ambient humidity in my apartment is higher, and putting it directly under the heat increases the output when my apartment is dry. Since I've done this, Monty, my ball python, has never had an imperfect shed.

As to the cat and dog, well, can't help you much there. I wouldn't keep anything like a mammal in my apartment... Goldfish and snake don't mind if the place is a mess, if their own space is cleaned occasionally. ;-)


04-18-07, 04:49 PM
"Monty" the ball python...LOVE IT! lol

04-18-07, 06:45 PM
Yeah, if I ever get blessed with a child, I won't have the faintest idea what to call it... but I knew before I ever selected my little snakey buddy that if it was a "he" it was going to be Monty Python, or if a "she", it would have been Lucy or Lucille... the Ball Python...


04-18-07, 07:41 PM
Scot Spam Jr. ???

04-22-07, 03:52 AM
It would depend upon the size and temperament of the dog. We have always had cats around our dog Lady. She arrived 6 days after a cat adopted us, when Lady arrived the cat was bigger than she was. Lady has also been around small dogs most of her life so she does all dogs except un-fixed female large dogs or ones that growl at me, or chase her cats. Only she can chase our cats and she lets all the other dogs know it.

When we found L.S. in the parking lot of my work he was soo small he didn't even know how to lap water out of a dish. We tried to keep LS in a small carrier but he would cry and cry even though he had been fed {special kitten milk in an eye dropper} and cleaned and cuddled. He missed his Mommy and I simply did not suffice.

We convinced Lady he was not a snack by letting her sniff him while we held him, . LS was to small to even know he was supposed to be afraid of her. He adopted Lady as a serrate mother. She fit the three "F"s, four legged, furry and female, and patent enough to tolerate a small kitten.

On cold days they curl up together, in the yard they take turns chasing each other. She chases LS then when he runs out of reach she quickly looses interest and goes sniffing so he will sneak up on her and jump on her buttocks briefly. They are a pair and they have a close relationship. If another cat comes in the yard and picks on LS he has his very own large dog whose presence quickly ends the fight.

Normally we introduce most of our cats to Lady while they are in a carrier. Even when it comes time to let them out they will hiss and her but in time they normally accept her presence. Our cat Mr. Mischief was older when we got him and man did he go nuts at first. Now he basically ignores her she responds by teasing him as a form of entertainment when she is bored but when he has enough he scratches at her. She quickly gets the hint and backs off.

I do not know how to introduce a older dog to a cat but if the dog is younger he should adjust and cats have a way of getting their point across. I would simply keep them separate initially especially if the dog is bigger and / or aggressive but once they accept each other in a couple of days they will settle into their own routine and hierarchy.

The reptiles you would have to ask my sister justhope she has owned them where I have not.

04-22-07, 04:32 AM

LS about a week after we found him. I am holding him in my hand while trying to take a pic with a cheap camera which is all I had at the time. He was a wiggly little thing even when he was really small.

LS last month, so yea they do survive even when adoping dog mothers. I got a better camera. One of these days I will find the ones of LS and Lady together.

04-24-07, 08:50 AM
aww...pretty kitty.

I'm taking their introduction extra extra slow. They're making their home in a bathroom right now. They're very shy. When my dog gets overfocused on the door, or tries to get in when I go in to feed them, etc, he gets a squirt of water of the head...he hates that. It's happening so often he's already associating the words "no kitties" with the squirt of water.

The poor things are old, (8 to 10 years) and have been through a lot since their owner died. Including dental doesn't have any teeth left they were so rotted. They are still as sweet as can be. One is definitely the dominant, the other shy and using him for protection, a job he seems to be used to. I'm so glad we decided to adopt both.

Thanks for the encouragement guys.

04-24-07, 08:45 PM
Is it really LS still? Or is it BS now? (Or does the L stand for large now?)

04-24-07, 09:12 PM
Well Chel...I too live in a zoo!

Let's see goldfishies...hamster ,
3 cats and one BullDog....

We have had a myriad of pets over the years..including the scaled kind..snakes make excellent ADD'er pets...cause they don't eat often...and you can kinda forget about them...for awhile...LOL..
We have had South American Boa's , Albino Burmese, and reg Burmese.
I used to be afraid of snakes..but not anymore. Now I just respect them.

When I got Powder the Bulldog...she thought cats were lunch
I put the kittens in my palm ...and put my hand between her and them..and everytime she acted too aggessive or over excited I would tell her NO kitty. And scold her. When she would sit, I would praise her..and pet her and the cats. It took a couple about a week or so, but she has never gone after a cat again. In fact she and one of my kittens pal around like they are buddies. He will come and steal her snacks right out of her that cat is brave, or stupid. She let's them eat out her bowl...

My 4 year old rescue pound kitty took some time adjusting to her...but she is very gentle around him...and he tolerates her. They will never be friends..but they have gotten used to each other. I did put her up for several days when he first came out of hiding...and let him roam wihtout being too scared. Then I started letting her out more..and would just keep her by me...and call her if she went near him. I let her out more and more...and he got used to it.
The kittens love her ..and she loves them now..and sometimes when we aren't watching , she licks them like pups and chases them through the house like a manic.

Some cats never adjust...but most due with time or just hide. And most dogs can be trained to accept cats and know they are not a toy or snack. She got it in the face a couple of times at my mom's who is known as the "cat lady" and she has a new found respect for cats....

Hang in there....give them some time to hide and adjust...dogs are much easier to move around but's very hard for them...

04-26-07, 11:33 AM
Hi all, I have a 6' black snake in the shop, sort of a pet. It takes care of the mice problem we have and every so often he shows up hanging from a rafter or through a hole in the ceiling. LOL

Other than that I have owned dogs all my life and I've had 2 that have gone 18 and 14 years. Tuff loseing a good friend. Now I'm lonely looking for a good hunting dog to join me but I can't seem to get the idea past the wife.

04-27-07, 10:58 AM
Is it really LS still? Or is it BS now? (Or does the L stand for large now?)

LS as in Larger. . . .

Gary has tried you little MF, darn cat, and SOB {shortness of breath = it is a medical term really} but the cat won't come to any of those.

Despite his snanaguns he did turn out pretty and his fur is still soo soft.

Now I'm lonely looking for a good hunting dog to join me but I can't seem to get the idea past the wife.

You could always use the justhope appraoch

"Mom look what followed me home. Doesn't he/she look pitful?"

10 cats, 2 dogs and a ferret or two later. . . . just hope tosses in an extra cat thinking mom will never know the difference she already has two the exact same color.. . . it took mom less than a day. . . . and mom knew exactly which of her 4 off spring did it.

Good thing justhope and Samantha never lived together, they would have had to have a zoo or wild life premit. Samantha tried to bring home a Lama once. . . . wouldn't fit in the compact car {thank God}

05-15-07, 08:12 PM
Well, several weeks later and my cats are very happy in the bathroom closet. ok. Whatever. As long as they're happy. We let the dog smell their bedding/towells every so often and he's calmed down a lot. He stays when we tell him to before we go in and he does so without a squirt of water. He doesn't hover around the door either, so he's become used to the idea of them there.

The cats were not happy to meet the dog, nor do they like coming out to explore the house even when he's put in the bedroom. Not when the kids are up. Not when it's nighttime. Guess they need some warming up still.

I take comfort in the fact that the anole is still alive.

We're getting a hamster soon. Can't help myself, it's an addiction. I've wanted a home with lots of critters since I was little. I could have stopped at 3.

05-15-07, 08:26 PM
I own an 11 yr old Dingo.
She's got a bit of blue heeler in her, but she's roughly 85% Dingo.
Very smart, too smart actually.
We get tired of spelling around her, especially when she learns to spell too!
She's had diabetes for a year, and it's gotten a bit worse, but we are still managing it.
With the dosage correction she's better now, and happy.
Going through rawhide bones, and running around, just like when she was a pup.
Here's a pic of the little hassle (as she's known sometimes due to getting into things).

05-15-07, 08:33 PM
What a beautiful cat!!! I'm a catlover from way back and I just love cats:D

LS about a week after we found him. I am holding him in my hand while trying to take a pic with a cheap camera which is all I had at the time. He was a wiggly little thing even when he was really small.

LS last month, so yea they do survive even when adoping dog mothers. I got a better camera. One of these days I will find the ones of LS and Lady together.