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01-09-04, 07:53 PM
Can anyone tell me what is meant by Directional Dyslexica? A few months ago my psychologist said she though I had this. I have not been test though because for some odd unknown reason it was going to cost me $500 for the test. Which would last 12 hours. She said of course I would take them all in one day but still seems a bit extreme to me. She explained that It has someting to do with how when I see images in my head they are turned aroud or backwards. She said this could be why I have trould with directions and getting left and right backwards. Some of what she said had made since but I am still a bit confused about it all. I have always suspected I had dyslexica but never been tested. In fact when I went for testing finding out I had ADD I though my problem was dyslexica. I didn't really know much about ADD. I now believe I have both just don't know how to find a way to get tested without it costing an arm and a leg. It would help if I had insurance but I don't.

01-09-04, 08:54 PM
damn bri I wish I knew as you know I am useless! LOL. maybe possibly they have website about it. If they have websites about green toys.(for children)....they should have something about it. talk to ya soon girl love ya.

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01-09-04, 09:04 PM
As long as I put it in stars it's ok and woman check your pms!!!! I sent you a message.

01-16-04, 12:00 AM
I guess no one knows?

01-16-04, 12:29 AM
Directional Dyslexia, or Directional confusion may take a number of forms, from being uncertain of which is left and right to being unable to read a map accurately, says Dr. Beve Hornsby in her book Overcoming Dyslexia. ‘A child should know his left and right by the age of five, and be able to distinguish someone else’s by the age of seven. Directional confusion affects other concepts such as up and down, top and bottom, compass directions, keeping one’s place when playing games, being able to copy the gym teacher’s movements when he is facing you, and so on. As many as eight out of ten severely dyslexic children have directional confusion. The percentage is lower for those with a mild condition,’ she says.

Directional confusion is the reason for reversing of letters, whole words or numbers, or for so-called mirror writing. The following symptoms indicate directional confusion:

The dyslexic may reverse letters like b and d, or p and q, either when reading or writing.

He may invert letters, reading or writing n as u, m as w, d as q, p as b, f as t.

He may mirror write letters and perhaps numbers, ‘’ for ‘y’, ‘ĺ’ for ‘3’.

He may read or write words like no for on, rat for tar, won for now, saw for was.

He may read or write 17 for 71.

He may mirror write words, like ‘’ for Susan.

Directional confusion also explains a lot of the difficulties some dyslexics have in learning to tie their shoe-laces. Most children can tie their shoe-laces at the age of five. Over 90 percent of dyslexics are later than average in acquiring this skill, and without intervention around half do not pick this up until the age of ten or later, and even then are not 100 percent successful.

**Hope this helps :) **

01-16-04, 03:48 AM
Wow, Thanks big that helped a lot. I don't do all those things and some has gotten better sense i have been on med for ADD which is kinda werid, but i do most of those things. Only difference now and when I was younger is that with spelling or numbers I seem to catch it right after i do it. With the left and right thing I only seem to have trouble with that when going some place new and someone is telling me to go left or right. Thiugh that has gotten somewhat better to. Its not that I don't know my left or right I just have to think first which hand do I wright with? Then I know thats right. Never had a problem with maps or compass...................but well my psychologist seems to think that my directional problem as far as seeing it my head didn't really get noticed til now because I took X-ray. When I take a test in X-ray and its a film that has parts labeled A,B,C,D i get confused cause and actually X-ray is backwards from how you would see the bones if we could see through skin instead. And some times they will turn an X-ray reversed on purpose to see if you can tell its wrong. This confuses me to no end when they do this esp because my boards exams were on computer instead of haveing the x-ray right there like I was taught in college. No wonder its so frustrating for me. I just wish I could get tested to have it on record before going back to college. It cost too much as I said before.:(

Thanks BIG! Your the best! :)

01-16-04, 02:06 PM
Tae Kwon Doe helped me with left and right, which I really had to think hard about until then (and I couldn't tie my own shoes until i was eight!). And I'm also finding that studying drawing (drawing from life with attention to space) has helped me read diagrams better. The testing costs are killer :mad: when I was tested in Oct, my university had just quadropled the cost in time for me to get hit by it. Check out if there is a vocational rehab place nearby you, they may know of a place that does it for free or cheaper than a school; with results that will translate to other facilities (that's really important, otherwise the test is a waste! Maybe even a psyc. or a physitian. ???). Good luck!

01-16-04, 04:19 PM
$500 is a lot of money, on its own;

but not a lot for being tested thoroughly by someone interested in picking "promisingly appropriate tests" etc.

Spend the money and be happy.

: )

01-16-04, 06:10 PM
It was my psychologist that wanted that much for it. I would spend the money if I had it but I don't. :( My parents (esp dad) don't think its worth the money. Hes says well other in school how is being tested going to help you? *sigh* Explaining things to him is very difficult. He always seems to have good answers for everything. Yah can't win with him he's too smart. I am just like him in a lot of ways so its like playing games with the master. LOL! Oh well, I love him thats all that matters.
I'll juat have to wait until I have a job and can save the money to do it myself. Which in a way I'd rather do. I'll appriacate it more thats for sure. Thanks for the help!

04-03-05, 10:46 PM
I think I have an LD too, and I think it has to do with directional stuff or somehow with processing speed - I want to get tested SOOO bad but like you said it's just SOOO expensive!! I can't afford it on my own, and Brianne, my dad is JUST like yours! lol he has answers for everything and is like the master.

of course I'm graduating in a year so I dunno if it's really worth it eiterh, except that I would KNOW - that is important to me but I couldn't really get any extra accommodations since I already have ADD and get everything for that...

the reasons I think I have it are:
-trouble following the teacher when it comes to aerobics - it doens't matter if she's facing me or not, I just can't follow anything spacially unless it's really really slow or I've practiced alot. I thought it might be a 'non-verbal" learning disability (which affects either gross or fine motor skills) but agian i have no idea how to tell.

-bad with left and right - like subtlemuttle - i have to think really hard - I do the whole 'which hand do i write with" thing but even then it takes a while (longer than it should)

-i think it did take me a long time to tie my shoes but can't remember
-coulnd't ride a bike or swim for a really long time even though i was trying (bike: 3rd grade, swimming: 5th grade after taking lessons since i was in kindergarten)

-i always lose my place when copying or following lists - i mean like it is WAYYY harder than normal. I have to mark each item so it doesn't take me forever. this could just be an ADD thing but i think it's spacial-related

-i play cards a LOT (usually 1-2 nights a week for like 5 hours) and I can NEVER remember spades from clubs. I know they are both black, but just like left and right I have to think a long time about which is which. It's really bad when you're trying to call trump and you can't think of the suit name!! Everyone thinks you've got a really risky hand and aren't sure if you should pick it up or not... but REALLY I'm just trying to sort out which suits are which. It's kind of funny becuase that's not somthing I would have thought to be difficult and I don't remember that being a problem when i was a kid.

on the other hand i know that i am coordinated in a lot of other ways: i played the violin and string bass for years and was actually pretty good. Also I do a lot of fine arc-welding which takes a lot of hand-eye coordination... so it's confusing to me. I think maybe i have problems with gross motor skills but not fine...

wish i could get tested!!!!!!!!! wah wah wah

04-04-05, 10:25 PM
neing dyslexic and ADhD does my nut in. Sadly there arnt any meds for dyslexia (are there?). I found it improved alot though when i was on ADhD meds though.

05-13-05, 06:47 PM
Andrew's post describes me and my father both.
He does the letter thing.
I do the whole word thing.
I learned how to tie my shoes from the kid who was my neighbor.
We were both the same age 6. She had been able to tie her shoes for a long time.
I also think she had more patience then adults to teach me.

Andrew I'm going to look for that book you mentioned.
Thanks for the great information.