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04-24-07, 12:18 AM
I know Desoxyn releases Dopamine, Norephrine AND Serotonin-Dex doesn't, but wouldn't this make it a smoother med-AKA a triple monoamine releaser+reuptake?.

Also it's stronger right?:confused:

Sounds like all the bases are covered-why isn't it scripted more? given it's extra actions:eyebrow:

I'v read a few reorts of folk who have take the 5mg tabs and they comment on it's superior action, whilst having fewer SEs-many saying it's the best they have trialed.

An older person told me of a SR pill for years, which lasted ALL day a few years ago, but was discontinued.


04-24-07, 03:09 AM
In term of effectiveness, Desoxyn has a very good reputation. The main reason why it's not more prescribed is the abuse's risk is higher than others medication and the ingredient (methamphetamine) is a schedule II drug. The rationnal behind this is debatable. The "war on drugs" is a complete failure and street-methamphetamine is rampant. Prescribed desoxyn as nothing to do with this problem.

Desoxyn is also neurotoxic but since most studies I found focus on heavy users (abuser), it's hard to know if it's really a problem at therapeutic dosage.

04-24-07, 08:17 PM

I'd like to know more on the matter of Desoxyn being neurotoxic. That's interesting...thanks, Jackinbox for raising that point. Obviously peoples' lives have been ruined by the abuse of methamphetamine, but do you know anything about the long-term effects of Desoxyn at therapeutic/Doctor monitored/approved levels? Also, am I correct in saying that there are no long-term effects or whatever from Adderall use at Doctor monitored/approved levels? ...I thought that's something I've read. Annywayyy, it's interesting and I like hearing about Desoxyn and how good peoples' reactions have been...but how very RARE it's prevalence is.

Do you have any other information about studies done with Desoxyn at therapeutic levels?



04-24-07, 10:44 PM
There is only one study (that I know of and I'm pretty sure it is the only one) on Desoxyn, and the aim of it was to see how long and how much methamphetamine can be obtained from oral fluids (e.g., saliva). I think that there really is no non-anecdotal evidence that says Desoxyn would work better than Dexedrine, there's nothing that compares the two at all, so in my opinion there's no point in asking your doctor to prescribe you Desoxyn unless every other med gives very bad responces.
To my limited knowledge: Damphetamine works a little on serotonin but methamphetamine works a few fold higher on serotonin. Damphetamine and methamphetamine cause about equal efflux of dopamine in some areas and in other areas damphetamine works a bit harder at this than methamphetamine. Damphetamine causes two fold the efflux of norepinepherine that methamphetamine causes.
Granted, I've never tried desoxyn and I would if I was prescribed it, but I've suggested it once and my doctor had never heard of it so I'd rather use her experience working with Focalin Ritalin Adderall and Dexedrine; DextroStat works well for me. And also the only report specifically about Desoxyn I know about said that they needed 1.5times the dose of Dexedrine to have a good responce, and since Dexedrine has a 40mg cap for offlabel use and Desoxyn has a 25mg cap, unless you have a really bad responce to all the otherones the amount of Desoxyn they are going to try you on might not come close to affecting the amount of dopamine and norepinepherine that the best dose of Dexedrine for you did. Hypothetically if I tried all those drugs and all of them have me negative reactions I think I would maybe try a low dose of desoxyn before I would try Strattera, and if Desoxyn didn't work then i would try strattera.

04-24-07, 11:16 PM
I agree that the most common medications should be tried first but I think that it's a good thing to try them all to find the best fit. As an exemple, if you get good result from a medication but have side effects like mild anxiety or racing heart then you should try others medications.

Concerning toxicity, amphetamines aren't candies. You can do some research on Google Scholar about it. Considering how much ADHD affect life quality, if the medication works for someone the benefits will outweight the risks.

04-24-07, 11:29 PM
The reason methamphetamine is commonly abused is because it is easily manufactured clandestinelyfrom ephedrine and household chemicals. In regards to neurotoxicity, its all in the dosage. Any stimulant in large doses is probably neurotoxic.

Matt S.
04-25-07, 10:29 AM
I have experience with the pharmaceutical Desoxyn and have watched people smoke methamphetamine off of a broken light bulb, The older 15 mg Gradumets were great medication when I took them, and the friends I had that smoked the street meth out of the lightbulb were asking me to get up every 20 minutes so they could keep rearranging their apartment. I was a pot smoker so I hung with the heavier druggies as a teen. I know on the Gradumets I could function well and I wasn't rearranging the house every 20 minutes. As far as meds go the 5 mg dexedrine tabs which still appear in the new PDR even though they've apparently been D/C'd are my current #1 med I prefer them to the crappy Ovation Desoxyn 5 mg tabs and went to a pharmacy out of town and actually got 180 of those 5 mg brand dexedrine tabs which I still have most of and use mostly the generics that I have. I am a prescription hoarder and have them for med breaks emergency supply situation. Recently asked doctor for a holiday because the stimulants turn mixed bipolar episodes into this OCD zombie depression

04-27-07, 03:35 AM
NZKIWI - Any stimulant in large doses is probably neurotoxic.

I was watching a special on Meth and the guy said he took a quarter ounce. So I went to a conversion website and that quarter ounce is equal to almost 800mgs. I take 80mgs of Desoxyn per day. 800mgs would be like taking my entire 3 month suppy at once. Yes, I'd think ANYTHING at that high a dose (relative to it's normal dose) would be neurotxic.

MSPEN 1018 -

You can get the 5mg IR Smith Kline Dexedrine??? Where?????

Matt S.
04-27-07, 08:02 AM
i had them left over from and old prescription that was from a mom and pop pharmacy 3 months old I just saved them because they are that much better, stronger and more effective than the 10 mg dextroatat in my opinion plus I live in vermont and Adderall XR is what most ADDer's are on up here.

04-27-07, 09:07 AM
A quarter ounce is like 7000mg btw

04-29-07, 02:07 AM
7000mg - that is my point exactly - image taking that much at once! I take 80mg per day spread over 4 doses. 20mg verus 7000mg

05-03-07, 04:12 AM
need somebody to give experience, cuz' have a prescription, but not a chance to take any.
they are that much better, stronger and more effective than the 10 mg dextroata take 80mgs of Desoxyn per daywell, what is there to expect?