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04-24-07, 04:06 PM
Hee is my dilema,

I had a nice blog through my id name auntchrisfun, I had at the time. I am not registerd with Att. I cant get into my 360 blog. Is there away to import it over or change the name to my new account name.

Am I going to have to start over again, isnt there a way to change my old account and have it in my new name through att. thanks any help will be welcomed.

04-25-07, 02:01 AM
360 isn't that through yahoo or am I mistaken. I have a 360 account through yahoo. it doesn't matter who my server is. I see a yahoo 360 profile under the name you gave however it is blank.

auntchrisfun (

Apparently you have your setting on private perhaps.

I went through a search engine from my account

meadd (

I do not know if this is much help but Gary has changed servers a couple of times sense I have had this account but I have never had problems accessing it. I have my accounts where they are not server dependent because Gary is always screwing with stuff and I hate changes especially if that means having to import and export stuff and changes e-mail addresses.