View Full Version : With ADD, Interest is Everything?

04-26-07, 07:16 AM
I don't remember exactly where I read it here, but a few weeks back I read a post which stated something like "With ADD, Interest is Everything - it has to hold the ADD person's interest" or something like that. I can't find it in the Search function.

That got me thinking - consider a fairly "dry" job like accounting or engineering. Even non-ADD folks would admit that these are dry, but they pay well, and the work is tolerable, so they do it, and usually succeed.

"Tolerable" probably won't fly with ADD people. Is it plausable that w ADD folks the job MUST be *interesting* to them, morseso a level of interest than usual (compared to non-ADDers) or else there's a greater potential for failure?

04-26-07, 08:55 AM
Having to do the same methodical thing over and over with little or no change would be torture for me. Accounting? Never. probably wouldn't fact, I wouldn't have made it through the years of school you need to get into engineering.

Short deadlines and having lots of different tasks that need to be done all at once are where my brain functions the best.

I'd be the guy you'd call to ask which wire to cut in the last 10 seconds before something explodes...but call and ask me how the thing works the day before? Yawn!